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Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online

Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online? The Answer Is Here

Thanks to the development of technology, it is easy to buy everything, including tires, from the comfort of your home. Online shopping brings us many significant benefits, such as saving time, effort, and convenience. 

You can even easily access multiple booths to look at different tire models.

Despite these many benefits, many people still need to learn to buy tires online because they need to know where to get tires installed. If you also have the same question above, the following article is for you.

Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online

Can I Install Tires Bought Online?

Unfortunately, you can’t get a definite answer as to whether a tire shop or service center will support tire fitting because each store will have different terms and services. 

There will be stores ready to help you with free installation or only charge a relatively low fee. But many places refuse to install it for many different reasons. 

Among them, exclusive contracts or no professional workers are the most common causes. In addition, the licensing issue is also a barrier that causes many stores to refuse to support us. 

You will need to contact the place that you think has a tire fitting service in advance to know its capabilities and policies. 

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How Much To Install Tires Bought Online?

How Much To Install Tires Bought Online

Source: Cartalk

Usually, you will need to pay a flat fee of about $35 to 50$  to install the tire. In addition, the size and difficulty of manipulation are factors that significantly affect the cost that you need to spend for stores. 

The cause of the high cost

Of course, you can’t ask for a low fee like when we buy and install it at these locations. 

Many firms are willing to pay additional installation fees to service shops to increase tire sales. So if you buy tires online install locally, you won’t get these support. Thereby pushing the amount that we need to pay for the stores to unexpectedly high. 

Is there an exception?

There will be exceptions if you have a close relationship with the store or when they run free support programs. 

You can now bring the tire in for free installation. In addition, some vocational training centers or newly opened shops also receive support to increase their experience or polish their name.

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Where Can I Buy Tires? (Update 2022)

Walmart $103 $15 Cheap prices

Road Hazard Warranty

Big selection

Huge selection of all types of tires
Costco $168 $18.99 Lifetime maintenance

Road Hazard


BFG, Bridgestone, Michelin
Sam’s Club $143 $20 Cheap prices

Road Hazard Warranty

Special deals

A dozen premium brands
BJ’s Tire Center $144 $20 Free lifetime maintenance

Installation included

Road Hazard Warranty

15 premium brands or so
Tire Rack $163 $24 Biggest model selection

Fast online shopping


A few dozen premium and non-premium brands
Discount Tire $161 $22 Online shopping

Fast and free shipping

Huge selection of all types of tires


Where Can I Install Tires?

Where Can I Install Tires

Source: Liveabout

In addition to familiar addresses such as shops or garages, you can also go to the following establishments to assemble tires purchased online. Please refer carefully because there will undoubtedly be many places that will surprise you because they support this service.

Your local independent tire shop

A local independent tire shop is the first place you should think of when buying tires online installation. 

It will offer installation programs regardless of origin. 

In addition, the cost to use the services here is also much cheaper than in the big store. Not to mention the annual promotions to attract more customers.

However, you should only choose reputable addresses to install tires. Only some stores have enough skilled workers to meet the large amount of demand. At the same time, there are no technical standards that force these facilities. So they can mishandle and damage the car if they can’t afford it.

Aftermarket specialty tire and wheels shops

If you want to install oversized tires or perform rim operations, you should go to the aftermarket specialty tire and wheels shops. These facilities are available to help attach the tires to your vehicle when you use their services. 

In fact, manipulating rims or special tires requires a number of accessories and skilled workers. So you just need to bring your car and tire and let these facilities do the rest.

Big chain tire and car service centers

If you choose products from big brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone, or Michelin, you should look to them. 

Usually every tire brand has a system of stores scattered throughout the country to support customers. In these places, in addition to buying tires and installation, you can bring tires purchased online and ask for help. 

The big stores will support us with installation it for free. While smaller locations usually charge a certain fee if you use their service.

Large wholesalers with tire facilities

Although not all stores have this service available, you can find out if Walmart or Costco near the garage they support or not. Some places will even answer yes if you ask Walmart will install tires I bought elsewhere. Because they simply provide services as repair points only.

Usually, the operation time will be quite long at about 45 minutes, but we can still take advantage of this time to go shopping inside the supermarket.

Your dealership

You can still go to the shop where you bought the car and ask them to assemble the tires for you. Although not included in the official policies, almost every dealership will help you simply because they want to maintain goodwill with customers and keep business relationships.

Oil change centers or gas station service centers

Oil change centers or gas station service centers are the worst places you can go to install new tires. However, if necessary or in critical situations, you can choose these centers for installation.  

High School or Auto Tech Vocational Center

High school or auto tech vocational centers are places where few people think about fitting tires the same way you would if you answered yes if someone asked does Walmart install tires. Although they do not provide regular support, you can ask these centers for help if you need it.

At first glance, practitioners at these institutions often need to gain more knowledge or learn a little. 

However, this concept is entirely wrong when every center has teachers or technicians to support. So you won’t need to worry about your car or tires having unnecessary damage.

Can I Install Tires Bought Online By Myself?

Can I Install Tires Bought Online By Myself

If you can’t find anywhere near your home that can install tires purchased online, consider doing it yourself at home. 

The process is relatively complicated and requires more skill than you might imagine. So we should only do it when we are sure we won’t make the situation worse.


With all the information I have provided above, I hope you have your answer to the question where do I install tires bought online? Every time you go on the road, you will see many centers that seem to support this service. But remember the knowledge I shared to get the most suitable options.

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