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Why Are Tires So Expensive

Why Are Tires So Expensive 2023? The Answer Is Here

Currently, many users are wondering Tesla tires so expensive. Tire costs will be based on many factors, such as whether the manufacturer wants to improve their tires’ durability, longevity, or technology. 

So, why are tires so expensive? The following article will give you 11 reasons why tire costs are so high.

Keep reading this article for more details!

Why Are Tires So Expensive?

Why Are Tires So Expensive 2022

Are tire prices going up? Yes, if you’ve changed your car’s tires twice or more, you can easily compare the incremental cost of the kit you purchased. The increase in the price of tires will depend on many factors, such as the manufacturer’s desire to improve life, durability, and performance. 

In addition, increased tire costs are sometimes due to increased raw material supplies or changing trade tariff costs.

Companies Are Doing More Research

Each company will have a specific tire production formula, and each type will have a different manufacturing technology. 

With the increasing number of auto parts manufacturing opponents, companies must innovate and upgrade their product quality. 

To be able to change, they will need to hire well-qualified researchers to experiment with materials to create the best quality tires. At that time, the wear and tear, customer needs, and product life will positively change.

However, these research projects are costly. Businesses need to pay for researchers and new technologies. Therefore, with new product models, their costs will be higher to ensure revenue for manufacturing enterprises.

Innovative Manufacturing Processes

Michelin tires or any brands are subject to innovation costs. Manufacturers always try to produce and create new product technologies to keep up with market demand and competition among competitors.

Depending on performance and the vehicle type, the tires will consist of steel, chemicals, and rubber compounds. You should remember that the more expensive the car, the better. The set of tires will also be proportional to the vehicle’s value.

In addition, to increase the hardness of the tire, the manufacturer will need to use other details such as beads or steel bars. All of these will require them to pay another fee. 

Vehicles Have Bigger Wheels

One of the other factors affecting your cost is classification by size for sale. According to a survey in 2019, drivers spent about $137 on sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, or minivans. SUV tires will cost about $162, and pickups are $175. This part will not include the installation cost.

Therefore, manufacturers like Michelin have priced their products through the size of the tire. The larger the wheel diameter, the higher the product cost.

Tires Have Superior Handling

Statistically, the majority of accidents are caused by tires. Therefore, the manufacturer always tries to optimize the tires’ quality to ensure customers’ safety. They aim for superior handling while improving tire quality.

Most companies will now upgrade their old tire products. With some units, they will recall poor-quality products to limit lawsuits. 

They will check for issues related to air release and tread wear. Businesses will try to overcome these limitations before putting them on the market.

When everything is perfect, they will have time to test the product. Businesses need to make sure it works well when customers buy the product. In the event of a problem, the cost of the tire will increase as the company needs the expense to fix it.

Tires Are Less Noisy

You probably know that tires make noise when traveling on the road. With a too loud noise, it will make the driver feel uncomfortable. 

So, to make sure this doesn’t happen, manufacturers need to invest in developing noise-canceling silencer technology for their products.

The reduced noise will mean an increase in the cost of that tire. It is pretty expensive due to the high technical requirements in manufacturing technology. To compensate for the investment costs, businesses are forced to increase the price of their products.

Supply Issues

In manufacturing, material cost changes are inevitable. If the business can stabilize the product price, it will benefit the customer. But when the cost of materials is too high, they will need to increase product prices to ensure revenue for the unit. 

Tires Have A Longer Tread Life

Extending the life of your tires will mean paying for them. In particular, the tired flower is the part that largely determines the whole product set life. 

When your tires are worn or have no tread below the legal limit of 1.6mm, you will need to replace them immediately because it will affect the car’s performance and safety.

Therefore, the manufacturer has improved the tread depth to prolong the product’s life. This change will mean businesses will increase product costs to balance production costs and revenue.

Demand For Custom Tires

Some users tend to modify their tires when they first buy them. Therefore, they will purchase large-sized tires for adjustment. Also, they tend to order from the manufacturer. The cost, effort, and time will be more at that time. Customers may incur additional fees.

Tires Have Better Gas Mileage

When the gasoline cost increases, users will have a choice with the saving gas capability. 

And home tires are one of the details that will directly affect fuel consumption. The more fuel-efficient tires are, the higher the cost because it involves more technical problems. 

Tires Are Designed For Different Seasons

Tires also change with the seasons. The manufacturer will now focus on making tires that can withstand both seasons. It can work well without losing performance when changing environment.

To do that, they need to create a tread with a good grip on the road. At the same time, the air inside can avoid the pressure drop that causes the tire to deflate. 

In the cold season, users must drive through very slippery runways, and the tires must overcome that situation. These versatile sets will include higher production costs than conventional tire sets.

Demand For Off-Road Tires

Road tires will cost more than off-road tires. Off-road kits will tend to be more expensive than other tires because it needs to meet the ability to withstand tremendous pressure. 

Therefore, it needs to make high-quality materials to ensure good operability. At that time, the cost for the tire set will undoubtedly increase.

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Why Is Car Travel Higher In Recent Years 2022-2023?

Why Is Car Travel Higher In Recent

One of the main reasons the tire cost has increased in recent years is the rising cost of raw materials. It includes rubber, steel, and some other production materials.

In addition, transportation and taxes are the reason for the high price. 

The reason is rising fuel costs, global supply chain issues, and geopolitical issues. Therefore, shortly, tires will undoubtedly increase in price.

How to choose the most cost-effective car suspension?

The selection of tires will be based on many different criteria. If you’re wondering about buying the most economical tires, here are some tips:

  • Compare prices: Visit local business websites and compare product prices there.
  • Special offer: take advantage of promotions to get better prices
  • Extended tire life: Choose tires with a lifespan of 7 to 8 years. Although it is a bit expensive, you will save this fee in the future.
  • Buy a tire with a warranty: You need to check this because you can’t be sure your tires will perform well for a long time without unexpected problems.
  • Partially worn tires: Although old tires, you can use them to save money. Choose tires with good brands.
  • Steady driving: You need to limit sudden braking and sudden acceleration,… This will help you ensure the longevity of your tires.


This article will help you better understand why tires are so high. It is affected by many different factors. In the future, the tire will still increase. 

Therefore, you need to invest in the most cost-effective tires. To do this, you can refer to the content above this article.

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