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Load Range SL Tires

Load Range SL Tires: Key Things To Know

The load range is a characteristic measure of the pressure tolerance of car tires. This range will be specified and designed by the manufacturer, appearing on the tire’s sidewall. However, there are now many different markings in the payload range, such as SL and XL

So, what does load range SL tires mean? Read the article below to understand more about this load range.

Tire Load Range SL

what is load range of a tire

The load range of an SL tire is the maximum weight that this tire can withstand. This tire has practical applications in passenger cars, which have a high use frequency and cannot bear heavy weight. 

The SL tire design has the advantage of being able to grip the road and move smoothly. In addition, it also has many other characteristics; follow the section below to understand more about SL tires.


Maximum load rating will depend on tire construction, size, and pressure. Tires that start with the letter P, such as P235/75R15, will have a load range rating of XL and SL, where SL stands for the standard load.

XL means additional payload. SL-rated tires will have a maximum load capacity of 35 PSI tire pressure. As for the XL tire, it has a greater load capacity when inflated to about 41 PSI.


The maximum load capacity will be measured in pounds. It appears in the tire wall or tire load rating chart. Tires with an SL load rating will have the same power and size. For example, the P235/75R15 SL tire can handle extreme loads up to 2,018 pounds.


The P-metric tire series load capacity will be exclusively for passenger cars. So, if you use this kit for a truck or SUV, it won’t work correctly. As a result, their maximum load capacity will be reduced by about 9%. 

At that time, the maximum load on each tire is about 1,845 pounds, and the total vehicle weight will be at most 7380 pounds. The load capacity of the SL tires will stay the same when you increase the tire pressure to 35 PSI. 


Larger tire sizes will have a higher load capacity. Therefore, the XL tire will have a greater load capacity than the SL tire by about 140 pounds of capacity per tire. You can switch from P to C, D, or E. These tires have a maximum pressure of 50, 65, and 80 psi. It will stay the same when you use it for a truck. 

To make it easier to understand, you can read the following example. Light truck tires 255/75R15 load range C can carry 2,270 pounds. P235/75R15 SL tires will have a lower load capacity than C tires by about 400 pounds.


Tire Load Rating SL is the tire with the lowest load capacity. You should consider using this type of tire when your truck uses SL tires within the load range. it can affect the performance of the tire.

How Many Layers Of Sl Tires Are There?

How Many Layers Of Sl Tires Are There

SL tires will include 3 different load ranges: extra, standard, and light. It covers the number of tire layers from 2 to 4 layers.

Meaning of SL on tractor tires

The trailer tire load SL with the rating chart is similar to its 2,018 pounds standard. The primary purpose of this tire is to improve traction and create a smooth feeling for the driver. This tire’s advantage is that it has a deeper groove design, stronger sidewalls, and a more prominent grain. It has a very effective vibration reduction effect when you move at high speed.

Is the SL good for off-roading?

The SL tire is versatile. It is capable of performing well in many other conditions. You can still drive stably on wet roads without worrying about slipping or losing control. However, SL tires will not be suitable for rocks or rough terrain areas. 

Your use of this tire on a light truck puts you in danger. 

When you carry heavy items in the vehicle combined with rough terrain, the SL will not be able to do this well and give you a stable driving experience. Deliberately using this kit will significantly reduce the life and quality of the tire.

Can I use SL for F150? 

Can I use SL for F150

You will need to use tires with excellent bearing capacity for heavy lifting tasks. And with the SL tires, it doesn’t do that. If your family is looking for a good tire, then Monster Truck can be a perfect suggestion!

Therefore, you should not use this kit for Ford F150. Many pickups available today do not include original OE passenger car tires. 

Instead, LT-metric or light trucks will be used for original equipment tire indications for all consumer trucks. It is especially suitable for larger vehicles. 

The LT-metric tire sidewalls have a good bearing capacity with a stiffer and more solid construction. Thanks to that, even with a fully loaded rig, this set of tires still has good bearing capacity.

On the other hand, SL tires will be suitable for vehicles that do not require high load capacity. Therefore, you can use these tires for smooth and smooth rides. This tire will be ideal for family cars because it can withstand lower pressures, improve fuel economy, and have smooth handling.

Can you use SL tires on all cars?

Many people try to save on tire costs by using SL tires. However, these savings are only sometimes adequate because SL tires are only suitable for light trucks. 

It often appears in family cars, moving on smooth roads without potholes, elephant holes, and obstacles. 

If you deliberately use SL tires for heavy trucks, it will certainly not be able to operate stably and have a good driving experience for you.

Difference between SL and XL tires 

SL vs XL load range will be different. Although they have the same tire size, XL tires can inflate to higher pressures than SL tires. As a result, they will help increase the load capacity. Not with SL tires. This difference comes from the unique design of the manufacturer. It allows XL tires to withstand high air pressures greater than their maximum weight.

When the SL tire is inflated too much, it will not be able to withstand the high pressure. As a result, you may face possible tire problems: accidents, blowouts, and deflation.

XL tire is better than SL tire in this feature, and It can travel long distances without worrying about tire damage and low pressure. In addition, it is resistant to mechanical damage and ensures safety when driving at high speeds.


This article will help you better understand load range SL tires. The load rating will indicate the maximum weight that the tire can withstand. With SL tires, it can handle loads up to 2,018 pounds. It is suitable for light vehicles, household use, and smooth travel.

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