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Broken Belt In Tire

What Causes Broken Belt In Tire: Sign, Causes & Fix

As you know, each tire will include a fixed belt inside. It consists of steel wires that give the tire rigidity and durability. So, a broken belt in the tire is one of the most serious tire problems. 

It will damage your entire tire. So, how do you know if your tires have a belt-related problem? What causes this to happen? Follow the article below to get the answer!

Broken Belt In Tire: Common Causes

what causes a broken belt in a tire

With all tires, it will include a belt design at the front. It helps to create a solid structure for the tire, ensuring rigidity and bearing capacity. In case this part of the belt learns, it will cause the tire to break. You need to treat it immediately, so the cracks do not spread. 

Currently, there are many reasons why broken belt in tire occurs. To understand more about tire belt separation, please continue reading the article below.

Tire Defects

Tire defects are the first cause of tire belt breakage. You would often think new cars would not have to deal with this situation. But no, the mistake of technicians can cause sour belts in tires

The treads won’t be able to stick to the track, and it can have spacing issues that make the whole set of tires less effective.

When this problem happens to your car, it will be hazardous, and you need to contact the supplier immediately. Ask them to fix the issue or change to another car as soon as possible. 

In this case, you may receive a compensation fee due to a manufacturer defect.

Rough Roads And High Speeds

The second cause comes from external influences and time. After a long period of use of tires, it will cause tire problems that reduce performance. Because this kit has to be in direct contact with various terrain, the tire belt can break when you try to overcome obstacles such as rocks and rough roads.

When you drive high speed on these distances, your tires will soon break under heavy wear. Failure to regularly maintain tires will make this situation faster and more serious.

Tread Separation

In tires, grooves and ribs always help the wheel become stiffer and create enough friction for the road surface. Without these parts, your tires will slip off the track, endangering all vehicles on the road.

Defective Belts

Tire wear is the next cause you will not be able to ignore when it comes to the problem of damaged tire belts. When the tire is too old, you operate over the life or wear it too much, it will cause the phenomenon of tire separation to appear. Usually, we will ignore indicators related to tire life and wear. The manufacturer recommends that users check and control this parameter well. 

It will help them limit the phenomenon of tire separation occurring. To check tire wear, you need to use a specialized test kit. This task will also help you check the condition of the tread and how much friction between the car and the road is. 

When you don’t check your tires regularly, it will cause steel belted tires broken belts. These impacts can come from a minor collision, or you travel over a rough road for a long time.

Tire Wear

A belt is a type of belt that is essentially a steel wire. It helps your tires keep their shape during travel. At the same time, it helps to increase stiffness and reduce the impact force when traveling on bad, uneven terrain.

To protect these straps, the manufacturer will use multiple layers of rubber. Although they have tried to preserve these straps, due to not mastering the belt production technology, the manufacturer cannot be sure that all straps are good.

Any misalignment of the belt will directly affect the quality of the tire. Even solid layers of rubber still need to help manufacturers guarantee the quality of their products.

So, if unfortunately, your tire has a tire separation problem, are there any signs to help you recognize tire belt separation symptoms early? Here are 3 telltale signs you may need to learn.

The Noise

Loud noise is the first sign you may notice when a broken belt in a tire occurs. At this point, if you are traveling at high speed, you will hear your car make a creaking sound from the tire side. Chances are your tire is starting to separate. It is hazardous for you and the surrounding vehicles because you can lose control anytime. 

You shouldn’t let this go on for too long, and don’t try to fix the split yourself. Take your car to the repair center before it’s too late. Then, they can help you select the tire separation problem most effectively and quickly.

The Shape

Any crack in the tire will cause the part to change shape. When this happens, you need to stop the car and observe the change in the size and structure of the tires.

 Pay attention to cracks, tread wear, and spacing. In the absence of timely handling, it will directly affect your traction and handling ability.

To fix it, you can use your existing spare tire or run-flat tire. Take your car to the nearest car service center. 

They will help you check the condition and recommend the most suitable repair method. The best way in this case that you will get is a new tire change.

The Vibration

When the belt breaks, the driver will feel the vibration. Specifically, their steering wheel will begin to shake, and the driver’s ability to control the direction of movement becomes more difficult. At this point, you have concluded that your tire belt is broken. 

Take the car to the auto repair center instead of you trying to have it checked and repaired.

How dangerous is a broken belt in the tire?

How dangerous is a broken belt in the tire

Driving with an incomplete tire will put you in a lot of danger. When a tire’s belt section fails, you may lose it and slip out of your driving trajectory. 

If you move the car at high speed and significantly reduce road friction, it will be a premise for accidents. 

On the other hand, broken belts in tire problems are rugged for you to determine the specific condition. Even if those cracks are tiny, they may have damaged a lot of details on the inside. Your stubborn driving will only make the situation worse.

Can you drive safely with a broken tire? 

No. You should not drive with such tires because friction with the road surface has been dramatically reduced. And you certainly won’t be safe with such tires. 

Using your spare tires or moving to the nearest car service center is best. You will most likely have to change the tire in this case.

How to fix a broken tire belt?

Fixing the belt inside the tire is almost impossible. Therefore, most users who encounter this situation are entirely new tires. 

Primary tires will cost between $50 and $150 for a set. With more advanced products, the cost can be up to 1000 USD. So, depending on your financial budget, you can choose the right set of tires for your car.


This article will help you better understand broken belts in tires. There are many possible causes for this to happen. 

Therefore, you need to check the tires periodically and fix the broken belt as soon as it is discovered. It will help you ensure the safety of yourself and all vehicles participating in the oscillation. The tire change cost is relatively high, but it is the best way to overcome this situation entirely.

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