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How To Open Gas Tank On Toyota RAV4

How To Open Gas Tank On Toyota RAV4 – Update 2023

Whether borrowing a car or buying a new one, you need to know a little about how to use it. One of the tasks that you will likely need to perform is refueling. So, How to open a gas tank on Toyota RAV4? The following article will guide you on how to open the fuel tank quickly and efficiently.

How to open the gas tank on Toyota RAV4?

How to open the gas tank on Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV 4 is one of the cars with many convenient features for users, such as a blind spot warning light system.BSM Toyota RAV4 or automatic fuel valve cap control button.

If you want to fuel your car, instead of getting out of the car and opening the valve cover, you just need to press the gas button on the floor of the driver’s seat. At this point, the fuel door will open.

Then, to remove the valve cover, you just need to turn the part clockwise until the cap pops off. It is so simple and convenient that anyone can do it. When the gas tank is complete, you just need to put the lid back and turn it in the opposite direction.

The above process will include 6 detailed steps. To understand this step better, please continue reading below of the article.

How to open the fuel door in detail?

How to open the fuel door in detail

The detailed fuel door opening process for Toyota RAV4 will include 6 steps:

Step 1: Turn off the car and unlock the door

The fuel cap will not open when the car is moving, or the doors are locked. Therefore, you must stop and turn off the engine before refueling the vehicle. Consequently, you need to make sure all doors are unlocked.

Step 2: Check the fuel drain lever near the end of the driver’s seat

Many cars need to drain the fuel before filling up the tank. And you need to act to open the fuel tank door. The fuel tank door will typically appear at the bottom of the driver’s seat next to the steering wheel. Look for the small lever with the fuel pump and pull the lever up to insert it.

At this point, you will hear a sound when pulling the lever. It shows that your gas tank door is not locked.

Step 3: Find the fuel drain button on the driver’s side door

With the cars of the newer version, the manufacturer will use the fuel discharge button instead of the traditional lever. To check, you can look at the door on the driver’s side and look for the button with the “petrol pump” icon. When you find it, press the button to unlock it.

Step 4: Click on the fuel tank door.

If you’re looking for a lever or unlock button but can’t find it, chances are your car doesn’t have this part. At this point, get out of the vehicle and press the fuel tank door inside. This manual will help you open the fuel cap.

Step 5: Turn the fuel cap counterclockwise.

After you have opened the fuel cap, your next job is to screw the fuel tank cap inside. To do this, turn this part counterclockwise.

Next, pump gasoline inside until the tank is full.

In case your gas cap is locked, use the lock and open it before turning.

Step 6: Close the gas tank door before driving away

Once the fuel tank is full, screw the cap back on and then close the fuel tank door. At this point, you can hear a slight “click” when closing the bottle. This sound comes from the locking mechanism on the fuel tank cap unit that has worked.

In some cases, your gas tank cap can get stuck when trying to open it. So, how to fix this situation? The following section of your writing will guide you in detail on how to fix the problem of a stuck gas tank cap.

WithFuel Tank Door Stuck

WithFuel Tank Door Stuck

Step 1: Open the trunk and move the dashboard

First, you should access the lever by opening the car’s trunk. Then, remove the plastic access panel closest to the fuel tank.

You often remove the lining cloth in your gas tank if the car does not have an access panel.

Also, if your car doesn’t have a trunk like a truck, take it to the nearest mechanic. Because accessing the gas tank will be very difficult, and you need help to do it.

Step 2: Put your hand behind the gas tank

In step 2, you will need to use an additional set of accessories, which is a flashlight. It will make it easier for you to see the dashboard behind the fuel tank.

At this point, you will see a small box with a lever on it. It is the part that locks the fuel tank door.

Step 3: Press the manual release lever with your hand

In step 3, press the lever down to unlock the fuel tank. If the open is successful, you will hear a click appear.

In addition, some cars today will not use a lever but a manual release latch. If your vehicle is one of them, reach inside, turn the latch counterclockwise, and pull it out.

Besides, some cars won’t have a manual release lever or push button. Ask your friends and relatives to gently pry the gas tank door until the manual release lever appears.

Step 4: Replace the manual release lever

When the manual release lever fails, you won’t be able to unlock it with the fuel tank. Fortunately, this part is relatively cheap, and a mechanic can help you replace it quickly. Therefore, take your car to a repair center, they will help you fix the problem of the release lever quickly.

The fuel door of the Toyota RAV4 car cannot be closed


There are 3 main reasons why the fuel door of Toyota RAV4 cars cannot close:

  • Faulty fuel door cable
  • Faulty fuel door latch
  • Damaged fuel door hinge

How to fix

To fix it, the best way is to ask for the help of a professional mechanic. At this point, they will help you to give you specific gas cap status and troubleshooting directions. Fuel cables, door latches, or hinges are easily replaceable parts.


Toyota RAV4 fuel door repair costs are around $95, $95 for labor, and $0 for parts. The prices may vary between locations.


Why can’t I open my gas tank?

If you cannot open the fuel tank cap, it could come from a clogged fuel line system. To fix it, check for obstructions inside and remove them. If any blocks cannot be found, you will need to replace the locking mechanism with a new one or the spring clamp assembly.

How do you open the gas tank on a RAV4?

When you want to fill up your car’s gas tank, you will simply press the fuel tank button on the floor of the driver’s seat unit. This way, the fuel tank door will automatically open, turn the screw cap counterclockwise and catch the fuel pump.

How do you manually open the gas door?

You can find the open button at the bottom of the driver’s seat to open the fuel tank. Find the small lever inside and pull it up to insert it. If you hear a slight sound, that’s when the fuel tank door is unlocked.


Hopefully, the article will help answer the question: “How to open gas tank on Toyota RAV4?“. This job is simple, and you should know when borrowing or renting a RAV4. If you own this car and the gas tank cap is stuck, ask a mechanic for help for the best support.

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