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AWD System Malfunction 2wd Mode Engaged

AWD System Malfunction 2wd Mode Engaged – Answer

As you know, a car from the Toyota brand always impresses customers with its bells and great assistive technology such as automatic parking and rear sensors. 

However, during the past 7 years, the cars of this famous brand still have a common problem related to AWD system malfunction 2wd mode engaged. To understand more about this issue, the following article will give you the most detailed information.


What is the 2WD mode?

2WD mode is where your car will only transmit power to the front or rear wheels, not all 4 wheels as usual. This change is due to the car’s problem related to the AWD system. At this time, the vehicle will automatically switch from AWD to 2WD mode.

While 2WD is activated, you can continue to drive your car. Yet, 4-wheel control will be lost because AWD mode is disabled.

What is an Awd System Malfunction?

Over the past 10 years, the Toyota brand has tried to develop technology and add many different technologies. As a result, their customers can enjoy a perfect vehicle, providing a great driving experience on any road.

One of the face-changing technologies for Toyota cars is the AWD system – All Wheel Drive. This technology allows power to be transmitted to all 4 wheels, making it easier for you to control and control the car.

At this point, the AWD system will transmit power to each wheel consistently or as required. At this point, many people will need clarification between all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive.

In particular, the 4-wheel drive system will automatically transmit power to all wheels. The driver will not need to make any adjustments or settings. As for the 4-wheel drive system, the driver will need to control and set it up. The primary purpose of this work is to provide extra traction to all tires.

Once you’ve experienced both powertrains, you’ll realize that four-wheel drive vehicles are more stable than all-wheel drive because this system can help you handle well on uneven roads: potholes, or rough terrain.

In addition, the AWD system will help you improve acceleration and reasonable cruise control. To do that, the manufacturer Toyota has installed additional brakes, steering control, transmission, and throttle sensors. As a result, thanks to improved acceleration, you can easily overcome hard snow, black ice, and rough terrain.

Why does the Awd System Malfunction ?

Why does the Awd System Malfunction

Many causes of AWD system failure can range from dynamic torque control, broken wiring, low fluid levels, poor gearshift linkage, and faulty sensors.

If you use your car for only a few days in a row, this powertrain can also cause malfunction.

The AWD system relies heavily on sensors. If this part fails, it is because the sensor receives the wrong information and transmits it to the AWD.

You need to replace the sensor with a new one to ensure a reliable power supply. Also, when the cable set is damaged or loose, you will need to use the instruction manual to be able to locate the fuse.

A multimeter is an indispensable tool in this situation. It will help you determine the operation for each connection wire.

If you find the cable is not working, you will need to replace it with a new line of the same color as the old one. If you have low oil levels, you will need to add fresh oil to your brakes.

Buy the fitting kit for your car. Then, open and add new brake fluid to the cylinder reservoir until it reaches the standard threshold.

How To Fix an AWD System?

How To Fix an AWD System

To troubleshoot your Lexus awd malfunction 2wd engaged effectively, reset your computer and remove the warning. This task is not easy, and you will need professional mechanic help.

There are many reasons why the AWD warning appears suddenly on a car. Therefore, you must prepare a dedicated kit to communicate with the computer. That way, you can determine what’s causing this Lexus all wheel drive problems.

In addition, if the extension cord fails, you can replace it yourself. In most situations, only one wire will lose connection. It will cause the whole system to experience an interruption in transmission. Therefore, you will need to replace this damaged wire and use the correct color of the previous wire.

Is it safe to drive with a malfunctioning AWD system?

When the warning light appears, you will worry about the car’s safety. You should stop on the sidewalk and check if the signal lights appear for any reason.

With a problem with the AWD system, you will feel that your car is still operating normally, but you should be careful about this warning.

The AWD warning will indicate that the system is malfunctioning and is completely disabled. 

At that time, the 2WD mode will be activated, and the front wheel will be in the position to receive traction and control the vehicle. This change will put you at risk when traveling in snowy conditions due to the slippery condition.

If you continue to drive in 2WD, then you will need to know when you will be safe in this mode.

  • 2WD is safe on sidewalks, dry roads, city roads
  • 2WD is not safe on roads covered with snow, gravel, and ice


What does 2WD mode engaged mean?

2WD mode means that not all wheels will receive traction.

Only the front or rear wheels of the vehicle receive traction. Sometimes, you will be in danger when traveling in 2WD mode.

Why is my check engine light on Toyota RAV4?

There are many reasons why car warning lights appear. The problem with the AWD drivetrain is one of them.

Will it damage my engine if I drive my vehicle with the check engine light on?

If the warning light appears due to the AWD system, it will automatically switch to 2WD mode. You will be in danger when you have to move in this mode in slippery road conditions.

Should you stop driving your car if the check engine light is on?

You should stop and check the car when the warning light appears. Continuing to move may expose you to unforeseen danger.


Hopefully, the article will help you understand AWD system malfunction 2WD mode engaged. When your AWD system fails, your vehicle automatically switches to 2WD mode.

This mode only allows power to be transmitted to the front or rear wheels. Therefore, to ensure safety and stability when driving, you will need the help of mechanics. They will help you troubleshoot better.

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