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How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh? (Passenger & ATV Tires)

True to their name, monster trucks always impress people with their vast size and weight.

Every part of this car has a considerable size, but the most prominent feature is still the tire.

At first glance, the parts are heavy rubber blocks weighing up to thousands of pounds. But is the truth the same as our thinking? how much do monster truck tires weigh?

To have the most accurate answers to the above questions, it is best to refer to the information in today’s article.

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh? 

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh

Most monster truck tires have an average weight of between 800 and 900 pounds. Hence, the set of four tires will have an overall weight that ranges from 3200 pounds to 3600 pounds. 

Factors That Affect The Tire Weight

Monster truck tire size variations on the identical product usually don’t have much weight difference. 

So you won’t need to worry about adding weight if you switch to larger tires. Instead, new manufacturing methods and materials are responsible for the rise and fall of this parameter.

Manufacturing method

If you put the manual tire and the tire produced by automatic lines on the same scale, the difference appears extremely clear. 

The machining process by traditional methods will have little machine intervention. Therefore, the workers can only use their senses to determine the weight.  

Material Type

In addition, more durable products are also often heavier due to their dense rubber texture. The thicker the density, the more challenging the material, but at the same time makes the tire a lot more serious.

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How Much Does a Monster Truck Tire Weigh Without a Rim?

The large rim is lighter than you imagine. Through the measurement, we can see that the difference in the weight of the drum and the tire with the same rim is not high. Because most results only stop at 800 pounds maximum. 

Of course, there will be some exceptions, but the frequency of these products is low. 

However, many people still tend to choose rimless tires for races. Because at high speeds, a slight difference in weight will also create a significant performance gap. So they are ready to use this particular tire to help the monster truck operate at its best.

How Tall Are Monster Truck Tires? 

How Tall Are Monster Truck Tires

To withstand the compression of the massive chassis, this particular tire needs to have a large enough overall size. 

Significantly, the height of monster truck tires must always be larger than the remaining parameters to avoid deformation when used. So you will see products with different parameters, such as 66x43x25.


Monster truck tires have a height of about 66 inches compared to 17 to 24 inches of conventional truck products. By this comparison, we can see the enormity of the upper tire. However, due to the limitation of many factors, only some products exceed the height that I mentioned.


The width is also an impressive point regarding the overall size of the monster truck tires. According to many studies, 43 inches is the average diameter of most products on the market. You will also quickly come across options with a higher-than-average overall area.

Difference Between Monster Truck Tires And Truck Tires 

Difference Between Monster Truck Tires And Truck Tires 

It’s easy to tell the difference between monster truck tires’ weight and commercial truck tire weight. However, these two tire lines also possess other unique special features. And I’ll help you identify these factors below.


Depending on the truck type, we will have different tire kinds with different weights. Typically, pickup models will use tires weighing between 150 and 200 pounds. In contrast, light trucks are only equipped with relatively light tires at only about 66 pounds.

Meanwhile, monster truck tires are 4 times heavier than the heaviest ones. Using the naked eye, we can also guess the correlation in this weight factor.

Load Capacity

Despite having the same generation level, the load capacity of monster tires is still much better than regular truck tires. 

To ensure a stable operation of a giant vehicle, manufacturers have increased the component function in the structure. 

Therefore, these products are extremely tough and durable to withstand significant impacts. In return, the size and weight will increase significantly due to changes in structure.


Besides weight and load capacity, price is also a big difference between monster truck tires and truck tires. Of course, the more oversized products will be more expensive. But the cost difference between these two types of tires is huge when reaching hundreds of dollars. 

What is the weight of common tires?

Below are the answers to the question of how much tires weigh for many other car tire models except monster truck tires and truck tires.

Passenger Car Tires

This popular tire has a relatively small weight of only 14 to 22 pounds. Many people have chosen these products for their compact car designs. Also, because of their modest size, passenger car tires are generally relatively cheap.

ATV tires

To meet the needs of flexibly moving on uneven surfaces, ATV tire models weigh only 30 to 40 pounds. If this number is exceeded, the tire will likely sink or lose elasticity in complex terrain areas.

How much are Monster trucks worth?

A set of four monster truck tires costs an average of about $250,000 if you buy new. This fee is even higher if we choose famous manufacturers or use high-end tires. 

You can find cheaper products if you lower your search standards or use old tires. There are many prices to choose from on the market today. However, if necessary, you should still consider products of sufficient quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do monster trucks get their tires?

Monster truck tires are mostly unique products and rarely appear as widely on store shelves as regular tires. Therefore, many drivers of this type of vehicle will have to contact the production units to order. While others will opt for handcrafted products with the impressive build quality

What tires do monster trucks use?

The monster truck uses specialized tires of considerable size and impressive weight to maintain the entire vehicle’s performance. 

Are monster trucks street-legal?

Only a few monster trucks can legally travel on the street. There will be some exceptions, but you still have to meet dozens of different requirements to be allowed to drive this massive vehicle.


So I have shared with you the answer to the question: How much do monster truck tires weigh? and much other essential information about these products. I hope you will receive and use this knowledge proficiently and accurately.

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