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How Much Does a NASCAR Tire Weigh

How Much Does a NASCAR Tire Weigh? [Answered]

NASCAR is a well-known racing car in America that has been around since the 1940s. The vehicles used under the NASCAR name have changed significantly over the years, but their tires have always been heavier than regular cars’ tires. So, how much does a NASCAR tire weigh?

Well, this article will explore the factors contributing to a NASCAR tire’s weight, like the type of tire, its size, and more. Read on to learn all about NASCAR tires and how much they weigh!

How Much Does a NASCAR Tire Weigh?

How Much Does a NASCAR Tire Weigh

Determining the weight of a NASCAR tire will include many different details. Example:

  • The weight of a tire, excluding liner, is approximately 12kg – 27lbs
  • The weight of a tire without an inner lining is about 11kg – 24lbs
  • NASCAR tire weight, including nuts, will be about 23kg – 50 lbs.

A NASCAR tire typically weighs around 24 lbs, excluding the inner liners. The inner liners add up to 3lbs to the whole weight of the tires.

The weight of the tire can vary depending on the specific make and model of the tire. NASCAR has been using tires manufactured by Goodyear for the last 60 years.

A Goodyear racing tire can weigh anywhere from 24 to 60 lbs. Previously NASCAR has been using Steel wheels for a long time, but currently, they are considering Aluminum wheels. It is because Aluminium wheels are comparatively less weight than Steel wheels.

The weight of a NASCAR tire is crucial because it affects the car’s overall performance. Heavier tires not only provide more traction and grip but also create more drag on the vehicle. Drag can impact the top speed and fuel efficiency of the car.

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Why are Race Car Tires Heavy?

Why are Race Car Tires Heavy

Below are the reasons why NASCAR tires are so heavy.

To Withstand High Speeds: The race car tires are big and heavy because they need to withstand the high speeds and forces exerted on them during a race.

To Maintain a Good Grip: The tires need to have a good grip on the track so that the car can corner effectively. With more weight, there are more chances of molecular adhesion, which creates more grip between the tires and the race track.

To Provide Stability: The tires’ size and weight also help provide stability to the car. It makes the car less likely to lose balance, even during sharp turns.

To Ensure Durability: Heavy race car tires are more durable than lightweight tires. Although racing car tires are changed frequently during a race, they last longer than a regular car tire can under those conditions.

To Increase Friction: As we know, the greater the weight of an object, the greater its friction with the floor or road. In the same way, the race car has heavy tires, which gives perfect friction between the tire and the track.

How are Heavy NASCAR Tires Made?

How are Heavy NASCAR Tires Made

The process of making a heavy NASCAR tire is complicated. We know that Goodyear has provided the best tires for NASCAR for a long time. Goodyear is one of the world’s biggest tire manufacturing companies. So, let us see how these tires are made.

  • First, the rubber is melted down and then formed into a large mold. It is bigger and heavier than passenger car molds.
  • This mold is then placed in a machine. In the machine, rubber vulcanization occurs, which involves the hardening of rubber. Through this process, the rubber becomes more durable.
  • Various compounds are used separately for right-side and left-side tires because turning impacts the right tires more. So, they must be more durable. These chemicals affect the weight and hardness of the tires.
  • After the vulcanization process, the tires are cooled and removed from the mold. They have dried and hardened to become robust and heavy.
  • Goodyear uses retreading to lower investment and operating costs. Retreading involves steps like Tire repair, Buffing, building, and curing.
  • Finally, the inspection team will look over the quality of the tire and ensure the correct weight.

Initially, they used steel rims for the wheels, through which wheels got extra weight for almost six generations. Now NASCAR is adapting to an 18″ wheel with aluminum because aluminum is lighter in weight compared to steel. Experts believe it will provide for better car speeds due to its low weight. Thus, the bulk of the tire’s weight stays in the rubber.

Are the 4 Tires in a NASCAR of Different Weights?

It is common to see that all tires have equal weights in family and commercial cars. These vehicles have to turn in various directions and have more general uses. However, race cars are specialized, and their tires are suited to specific types of movement.

Tire pressure is the most versatile tool in NASCAR. It is not kept even over all 4 tires. With the change in the air pressure, there will be a slight difference in the weights of the tires. They measure tire pressure in PSI which means Pounds Per Square Inch.

NASCAR tires contain dry Nitrogen gas because this gas is used to analyze how hot the tire gets and how much pressure builds during a race.

In most race tracks, we will observe that the left tires contain 10 PSI build-up and the right tires have 20 to 30 PSI build-up. This process is also known as the Staggering of the wheel. It is primarily for turning sharply in oval tracks.

At Homestead, NASCAR maintains right front tire pressure build-up to 23 PSI. The right rear tire will build up to 15 PSI, the left rear tire will be about 8 PSI, and the left front tire will be around 15 pounds.

From this, we can analyze that NASCAR always maintains higher pressure in right tires than left ones. So, with the changing air pressures, the weight of the tires will also differ. Hence Right-side tires have more weight compared to Left-side tires. For some race cars, the front tires will also be heavier than the corresponding back tires.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the cost of NASCAR tires?

Tires are one of the most expensive parts in NASCAR races, costing on average between $300 and $5500.

With a complete set of tires, it will cost around $2000.

Each racing team will allow renting 16 sets of four tires. At that time, teams will need to spend about $20,000 on tires, not including other details.

Besides, the life of the tires is relatively low. In 2015 alone, NASCAR spent about $35 million on tires. Therefore, racing teams can use Goodyear’s tire rental service to save money on races.

What is the maximum temperature of NASCAR tires?

NASCAR tires using nitrogen gas are more stable than regular air. In extreme conditions, the highest tire temperature can reach 93 degrees Celsius – 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, this tire will go through thermal cycles, which will change the grip of the car tires. After each heat cycle takes place, the tire will become stiffer.

On the other hand, people who have experience in tire care. They will keep their tires cool because a high-temperature tire will cause fewer heat cycles. At the same time, the tires’ grip will also be guaranteed to help prolong their life.

Why are NASCAR tires bald?

When using NASCAR tires, you must have encountered a situation where the tire was completely blown off.

Many people mistakenly believe that the cause is due to tire wear. NASCAR tires are bald because the tires appear more sticky when in contact with the ground. Then the grip will become better.

Also, in wet conditions, the patterns on the tires are more beneficial in dry weather. Your tires should be in contact with the ground.

As reason why NASCAR races will have to be stopped, it puts drivers in danger of affecting the outcome of the entire tournament.

Is the NASCAR wheel with 2 valve bodies correct?

The NASCAR tire line walls are pretty significant. As a result, tire deflation occurs quickly, and riders can lose the ability to drive. Therefore, the manufacturer has designed 2 valve bodies for this tire.

In it, an air tank is installed inside to extend the outside of the chassis to the ground, which is helpful in the event of an explosion.

As for the external gas tank, it has all the technology found in a typical racing car. When the outer gas tank has many layers and fibers, the inner gas container will be made of rubber, similar to a tube.

The difference between the inner part of a tire and a tube is that the inner layer of a NASCAR tire will not push the outer layer. Therefore, it will need to use up to 2 valve bodies, and each valve will use for a gas tank.

Are NASCAR tires legal? 

NASCAR tires appear only in street car races. It is not allowed to operate on public roads. This limitation is due to the poor handling of this tire outside of the dry pavement. It will endanger the surrounding vehicles when driving is difficult to control.


How much does a NASCAR tire weigh? NASCAR tires are not only incredibly durable, but they are also very heavy. The average NASCAR tire weighs about 27 pounds, significantly heavier than a regular passenger car tire. This weight is necessary to provide the grip and traction that NASCAR drivers need to go fast and win races.

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