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Tire Smoking

Why Is My Tire Smoking? Detailed Explanation

When you detect a burning smell from a car tire, do you know: “Why Is My Tire Smoking?”

There are many reasons why this happens. It can be caused by calipers, brake pads, or the tire’s friction with the field surface in continuous time. 

So, how do you find the cause and fix the tire-smoking problem? Read the article below to understand more about this common condition!

Why Is My Tire Smoking?

Why Is My Tire Smoking

When you drive a car and notice a burning smell, it signifies that you need to replace your car tires. Whether smoke comes from the front or rear wheel, it also harms the driver if it continues to move. 

The tire position will emit a burning smell like rubber at this time. This is due to the presence of sulfuric acid in the tires. 

The chemical reaction of this compound with oxygen produces sulfur dioxide gas. You will feel uncomfortable when the gas concentration gets higher and higher.

So, what causes car smoking tires? Read on below to learn more about this issue!

Tire wear

The tire wear is a phenomenon that you will inevitably encounter in the process of using a car. Because this part often directly friction with the road surface in many different conditions. 

This impact will cause the tires to wear out. In addition, if you are a person who often has a habit of braking quickly, the tire part is affected and causes it to wear out over time. This is what causes the smell of burning tires to appear.

Malfunctioning wheel bearings

Malfunctioning bearings are the next cause of smoking and hot brakes appearing. However, it is not the main reason you should pay attention to it when checking your tires. When your car has this condition, it is a severe problem, and you need to handle it immediately not to affect the surrounding parts.

Short Circuits

A short circuit, although not related to the tires, can cause your part to give off a burning smell. Specifically, the course is a problem that causes the entire electrical system of the car to have problems. 

At that time, the power cord, dashboard, headlights, and spark plugs will not work correctly.

Oil burning 

Engine oil is a lubricant for the parts responsible for creating the car’s movement. When the lubricating oil passes its usage time, it will burn and give off an unpleasant burning smell. 

The reason is that some car owners want to save their costs. Changing engine oil is too expensive, and they don’t want to spend large sums of money on it. 

On average, the engine oil will have a life of about 1 year. In addition, if you travel about 10,000 miles earlier, you will need a new cooler oil change to ensure the car’s performance. Continued use of oil will leave carbon deposits to build up, affecting the car’s performance.

Burning smell from the fireplace

The heater is close to the tires, so you will smell the burning smell from car tires when this part has a problem. Specifically, when the heater element heats up, it causes engine oil to burn and enter the heating system. Gaps in the carburetor and heater can cause a variety of problems. 

Fire brake

Front brakes smoking appears quite popular nowadays. When this part wears out, it will make the emergency braking less effective, and the braking distance will be longer. Usually, brake pads are pretty expensive, and it is about a quarter of the cost of a simple oil change. So, you better protect this part if you don’t want to spend too much money.

Clutch burning

Burning clutch is the next cause you may need to learn. At this point, the best way is to replace the clutch when it reaches the end of its life. 

However, the clutch is a very complex part in terms of structure. So, if you can’t replace the entire part, you must clean it regularly. Please clean and lubricate the clutch. This job will take little of your time.

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When burning, why do you smell rubber? 

When burning, why do you smell rubber

The characteristic smell of burning rubber is due to SO2. You can smell them easily when gas appears. However, locating the location of the burning smell is complex. Odors that appear are sometimes not burning engine oil. 

It can come from many different causes, such as the smell of burning rubber. As soon as you spot this strange phenomenon, you need to stop your car and have it checked because your vehicle is in serious condition.

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Can you drive with a burning tire?

Although the burning smell is not always present, you should recognize this phenomenon. For example, when the temperature in the air changes rapidly, it leaves your engine with no time to change. At this point, you will smell a distinct burning smell from the engine. If the white smoke and burning smell disappear quickly, you can continue driving.

If the burning smell becomes more and more present, you need to stop the car because if you continue, you will worsen the problem. Check the engine and anything else you think might be causing this characteristic burning smell.

The answer to this question is that you should stop the car and try to find the cause. Do not try to continue moving the vehicle because some part of you may be having a problem: the clutch or the brake pads. it is hazardous for both you and the car.

How do you fix tire smoking?

How do you fix tire smoking

When you encounter a situation where your tires are smoking, you must stop the car and check each part. Because continuing to move will put you in more danger. 

Most of the reason is due to corroding tires and burning engine oil. Traveling with a worn tire will make you feel unsafe. In addition, with the problems of burning brake pads, you will hardly be able to brake quickly when moving. It dramatically affects your driving experience.

So, in case you can’t find the cause, you need to contact the repair center, they will help you check and find the reason as quickly as possible. 

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Why doesn’t overheating happen when a tire burns?

The cooling system could be the answer to this question when this system appears in any foreign objects, such as small pieces of metal and nails. At that time, the catalyst in the engine will not be able to work correctly, and it will cause the cooling system to malfunction and heat up abnormally.

Part of the temperature will affect the coolant inside the engine. This water will boil and bubble as they mix with the other gases in the mixture and ignite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the tires to heat up and smoke?

Corrosion is the leading cause of tire burning and the appearance of a burnt smell. Sometimes, it doesn’t come from your tires but from surrounding parts such as brake pads, clutches, and engine oil. 

Whatever the cause, you need to check and fix this situation as soon as possible.

Can I drive with smoking brakes?

No. Because continuing to move will put you in danger and cause many negative consequences for the car. If the cause is engine oil or clutch, it will make your vehicle more severe and challenging to fix.

Can a wheel bear smoke?

Yes. Although it’s not a common cause, you won’t be able to ignore it when you check for a burning smell from your tires.

Why is my driver’s side tire smoking?

Left tire or any tire position, it can be caused by corrosion. In addition, it can also be caused by brake pads and engine oil that are too old to use.


Hopefully, this article has helped you answer the question: Why Is My Tire Smoking?”. For any reason, you need to stop the car and check all the components. Usually, it will come from tire wear, burned brake pads, and engine oil. 

In addition, this problem may be caused by clutch burnout. Find a professional repair unit, and they will help you fix the problem of burning tires most effectively.

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