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Where Can I Get My Own Tires Installed

Where Can I Get My Own Tires Installed? Detailed Explain!

When using the car, all of us were interested in the issue: Where can I get my own tires installed? 

There are many options available to you, and you will not be forced to go to the center of the car brand you own. So, how many options are there for you?

 The following article will introduce you to convenient tire placement locations that you can go there.

Common Signs To Change Your Car Tires

Common Signs To Change Your Car Tires

Usually, we go to car service centers when our tires have problems or exceed their useful life. Among them, tire failure is to be the most common. Therefore, this article will give you the signs you need to change your car tires.

Tire tread depth is less than 1.6 mm.

According to the standards of car tires, the tread depth should be at least 1.6 mm or more. 

Only then will it help ensure car safety. For cars with a high frequency of travel, frequent braking is the cause of increased tire wear. So you need to check your tire regularly. If the tread is below 1.6m, you must replace it immediately.

Nowadays, there are many ways you can narrow your tire tread. It can be a specialized tire depth gauge, tread wear indicator, or a Lincoln coin. In this way, you can determine the condition of your car’s tires and take them to the garage for repair in time. 

Damaged Tire

If the tire surface appears to have abnormal conditions: bulging, peeling, ridges, split rubber, cracks, etc. You will need to replace the tire immediately if you want insurance for your car. Tire failure can cause many dangers: tire bursts, track slippage, etc.

Larger holes than 6mm in diameter

With car tire punctures, you’ll be more inclined to patch it instead of replacing it. New to save most of the repair cost. 

However, in reality, not all holes can be fixed. If the hole diameter exceeds 6mm, you will need to consider replacing the tire with a new one. Because if the puncture is too large, patching the tire will not have too much effect.

Damaged tire valve

The tread is the edge of the tire, and it is in direct contact with the wheel. When this part is exposed, it will cause air to leak out, and a flat tire will appear. At this point, you will need a new tire.

On the other hand, tire valves keep the pressure inside the tire and prevent moisture from appearing. When the valve fails, it will cause the tire to leak. Therefore, you also need to replace the new tire in this case.

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Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online?

Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online

Most car manufacturers today are always ready to support their customers to fix problems related to their products. So, you can find the tire centers or facilities of the brand you are using.

There will be discounts or promotions for customers, which proves these units’ prestige. So, you can use the service here.

Alternatively, your tires can be shipped directly to an independent, non-branded shop. They may use genuine products or products with similar features for you. Either way, you can buy good quality tires.

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Where Can I Install Tires?

With tires, you can change them at all of these service providers. It does not force you to use the services of actual units. Here are some places where you can get a new tire for your car:

  • Local tire dealer 
  • Tire service center with many major dealer chains
  • Tire factories or large dealers
  • Dealers of your car brand
  • Oil change centers 
  • Gas stations

Can I Install Tires At An Independent Tire Shop?

Can I Install Tires At An Independent Tire Shop

Most online tire buyers will take it to local independent tire dealers because it will save them a lot of money and time. 

Usually, these agents will operate on a small scale, and you will be able to turn quickly. Moreover, this service will come with special coupons, which are extremely useful for service users.

In addition, the limitations of local independent tire dealers relate to the experience of the repairers. 

They may need to be more skilled to make high-tech tires. For example, luxury car tires will include a central locking nut. It will take a lot of work for the local tire shop to meet this task.

Can I Install My Tires At An Aftermarket Tire And Wheel Shop?

Many users who love creativity will decorate their tire rims to become unique and shiny. At the aftermarket, stores will enable them to perform this task. However, this innovation will significantly increase the cost of tires. But it will come with better car care for you.

Can I Install My Tires At Big Chain Tire And Service Centers?

Have. You can completely use the service at these units. Many large service providers exist, including Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, and Michelin. In addition to changing new tires, these units will come with car care and maintenance services when you Use a tire change service.

The drawback of these large units is that you will face crowds when coming here. It requires you to pay a high fee, and sometimes they will be far from the table.

Can I Install Tires At My Dealership?

Units like Costco, Walmart, or Sam’s Club will provide you with all the car repair and maintenance services. 

But they may not offer tire change service if you buy tires from other units. The advantage of these units lies in the competitive price; they rarely close and are ready to serve you anytime. You can schedule a flexible appointment for your convenience.

The drawback you will encounter when using the service here is that it is crowded and overloaded. When you own an expensive car, you will not receive special treatment in return. 

Can I Install My Tires At Oil Change Centers?

Large oil change centers like Valvoline or Jiffy Lube will provide excellent oil change services. But some people bring their cars here and ask them to perform tire-related tasks. 

When you have that intention, you need to contact the oil change centers and ask if they offer a new tire change service. And, of course, there are better choices for them than this when the expertise at these centers may be low.

Can I Install Tires By Myself?

Those who own luxury cars need to be handled thoroughly, including maintenance services: oil change, tire fitting, and engine check. 

These dealers will take care of your requirements. At that time, the cost will also be higher than other agents, but their service quality is excellent. You can come back next time.

Does It Make Sense To Buy Tires Online?

Installing your tires at home is a perfect way to save money on tire replacement costs. 

However, it is complex and requires you to prepare a full range of specialized tools for a tire change. 

You should consider the location of this work because not all places will be suitable for changing new tires, especially rough places.

Before performing a recent tire change, you must check the tire pressure sensor, valve, and wheel weight. It requires you to have expert knowledge of it as well as experience when driving on the road.

If it’s as simple as changing your tires and wheels, park your car in a secluded place with little traffic. 

The handbrake will always be applied, and a flat site is considered ideal. When starting, loosen all the tire bolts. It would help if you used the jacks to lift the car, making the tire change job easier. Do the reverse when you successfully install the tire. 

Beware of Surcharges

An additional charge when you change a car tire may include the maintenance of the vehicle, the replacement, and the inspection of tire-related parts. The surcharge will vary between tire change units. 

Other car maintenance services will accompany most tire changes if your car is a luxury car. On the other hand, if you use the services of small agencies, the surcharge will be much more economical.

Tips & Tricks

Choosing car tires according to your needs

When buying car tires, you first need to consider whether it suits your car. Next, you just mentioned the issue of improving quality and parameters. 

Currently, each tire line will have its strengths, and you will hardly be able to ask for a perfect tire at an economical cost. In general, car tires will be divided into 4 main categories including:

  • Soft, smooth, low-noise tires are suitable for beautiful roads: A tire with very high smoothness. It is a quiet and comfortable shallow flower groove. Therefore, it will be ideal for flat roads and urban areas. Its weakness is that its grip is relatively low, and it is easily affected by external factors. Therefore, this tire is not suitable for you to go fast.
  • Hard, noisy tires are ideal for bad roads: This tired line has high rigidity, a complex structure, and deep grooves. It makes a lot of noise and could be smoother than the first tire. 
  • Mixed tires are ideal for many routes: This type has a medium hardness and a certain smoothness. The advantage of mixed tires is that they can move with many different terrains. It has excellent durability to withstand external impacts. 
  • High-performance tires: This one is for each specific landscape: snow, desert, and racing. Therefore, passenger cars will rarely use this type of tire. Because they are pretty expensive and not all vehicles are suitable for them.

Choosing the right type of car tire groove

Currently, car tire grooves are divided into 3 main types: 

  • Vertical groove: It is the simplest primary type of groove in all 3 classes. It helps your wheels increase drainage and minimize drag. As a result, this tire will help you effectively prevent slipping, providing extremely low noise. They are suitable for cars that often move in urban areas.
  • Groove: This type of groove consists of hooks and lugs and is usually at the edge of the tire. The lug groove will have a direction perpendicular to the edge. It can increase grip and traction effectively, especially suitable for vehicles with low speed, unpaved roads, or rough terrain.
  • Worm groove: This type has a worm-like bend in the tire part. The advantage of the worm track is that it has a drive feature that increases braking efficiency, significantly reducing the rotation and long slip. 

Choose the right tire size for your wheels.

The size of your tires will directly affect engine durability and transmission problems. In addition, by law, tires must be the right size for the type of vehicle you use. 

To choose the right tire, you can rely on the specifications of the previous tire sets. Usually, it will be written in the form: (Tire width)/(Height/width ratio)-(Tire construction)-(Wheel diameter).

In addition, you also need to check the authenticity of the tire: check the symbol, check the wear line, and try rubbing on the wheel.


Hopefully, this article will help you answer the question: “where can I get my own tires installed?” Currently, many dealers and centers provide new car tire replacement services. Local agents will be your best choice if you want to save money and time. On the other hand, if you own luxury cars, a tire change will likely include car maintenance. Consider choosing large units to provide the complete service.

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