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How Fast Can You Go With A Spare Tire

How Fast Can You Go With A Spare Tire?[Answered]

As you know, a spare tire is indispensable in a car. It has a temporary tire replacement effect in case of tire clamping or damage during travel. But in reality, the spare tire will cause negative consequences if you move too fast and the mileage is too large. 

So, How fast can you go with a spare tire? The following article will help you answer that question.

How Fast Can You Go on a Spare Tire?

How Fast Can You Go on a Spare Tire

With spare tires, you can divide them into 2 categories as donut tires and full-size tires. Each type of tire will have a different maximum travel speed:

With a full-size spare tire 

The full-size spare tire will fit the traditional tire line of cars. 

They can be the same weight, size, or brand. So, this tire does not limit the speed you can move. That allows you to drive at more than 70 mph without slowing down on the highway. 

Usually, the top speed of a spare tire is about 90 mph. However, if you want to move to the auto repair station, you can still speed up with a large margin of area and distance on the car because the spare tire is said to be unsuitable for you to travel long and far on the road.

With a donut tire 

A donut tire is a tire that is smaller than a traditional car tire. It saves space, is lightweight, and can be moved when replaced temporarily. The primary purpose of this donut tire is to get you to the nearest repair shop.

Also, about the speed of the donut tire, you can move it at 50 mph. The maximum speed you can travel is 70 mph. You need to limit vehicle movement on the highway because the donut tire size is smaller than the standard wheel size.

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Reasons Why You Cannot Go Fast on Spare Tire

Reasons Why You Cannot Go Fast on Spare Tire

As previously advised, you should only move slowly with a spare tire. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t.

Tire Wear

The structure of the donut tire is smaller than the standard tire size. It is lighter and has less tread. So, when you move your car at more than 70 mph. It will cause your wheels to work harder until the tires wear out quickly.

Tire blowout

The spare tire will include all the same features as the traditional tire. Therefore, when the speed limit of the spare tire is exceeded, it will cause tire wear and cause a tire explosion. At this point, you will lose control of the car, which is hazardous when you move on the highway.

Flat Tire

Donut tires are designed with feeble resistance to impact and road hazards. So, a flat tire will appear when you drive at a fast speed for a long time. It is not safe for both you and the car.

Damage to car parts

Here are the negative consequences when you are using donut tires for too long:

  • Brother
  • problem Car heating problem
  • The system is hard to control again
  • Transmission occurs
  • Brake system malfunction

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What Should You Prepare: a Full-size Spare Tire or a Donut Tire?

Full-size Spare Tire or a Donut Tire

Safety and convenience

A full-size tire will match the specifications of traditional tires. As a result, you can drive safely without any problems or emergencies. 

On the other hand, when driving with a donut, you’ll need to move your car to the nearest repair garage quickly because you can’t travel for too long with a spare donut tire.

The low cost

A spare donut will cost around $50 to $300. Meanwhile, a full-size spare tire costs around $100, the same as a regular tire. 

So, consider choosing the right tire for your ability to pay. Of these, full-size tires will still be a better choice for you.

How to Safely Use a Spare Tire?

When using a car, you must not use a spare tire when one of the steering wheel tires has low pressure. You need to take the wheel that is not part of the rudder and replace it in its place.

You should use spare tires for tires that are not part of the rudder. Because then your performance and driving experience will not be acceptable. Using donut tires for steering wheel tires will make you notice a noticeable difference. 

Since it is so tiny, even the slightest carelessness can cause you to slip off the track. It is hazardous when you are traveling on highways and in high-traffic areas.

Also, if you have no other choice, you can still use donuts for the rudder. But you should only move the car over the shortest possible distance. And do not exceed the recommended speed. 

On the other hand, when your travel distance is too long, you need to overcome the risk by calling a tow truck. That’s the best way to move your car to the repair garage.

What Will Happen if You Drive Too Fast on a Donut Spare Tire?

Driving too fast with your spare tire can cause a flat tire and wear out the tire, causing it to explode. 

You will lose control of the car at this point, mainly when the spare tire is located in the profit wheel. In addition to creating danger for you, the spare tire causes brake failure, steering system problems, suspension, and appearance. It’s terrible for any car.

Can You Use a Spare Tire More Than Once?

Can You Use a Spare Tire More Than Once

You can use the spare tire more than once. Also, check for wear and tread. You need to ensure your tires are still in good working order. 

In addition, you need to keep your car in good condition to use the spare tire. Do not use a spare tire for the steering wheel part because it is hazardous for you and the vehicle.

On the other hand, the spare tire is a good choice for those with little demand for cars. They can be helpful for people who often travel long distances or like to drive long distances.

In addition, when you use the spare tire and find it has no tread, it is time to replace it with a new one. Usually, light tires will have an indicator on the tire. It will tell you whether to continue driving with this spare tire. 

The best way is to remember the last time you used the tire. And find information from the manufacturer, and check the life of this tire before installing it on your car.

What is the Optimal Speed ​​for Driving on a Donut Tire? 

The optimal speed for you to drive with a spare tire is 50 mph. The maximum speed you can use it is 70 mph. But it is dangerous for the operator, and you should only drive at high speed for short distances. 

So, if you want to minimize the risk of hazards and ensure the safety of the components, a full-size tire is arguably better for you.

Types of Spare Tires

Currently, there are many different types of spare tires. Here are 3 spare tire classifications that you can refer to.

Similar Specifications

This tire has the exact dimensions and specifications of a traditional tire. So you can drive safely with this tire. It will not include the same restrictions as donut tires. 

However, when using this spare tire, you must read the tire’s position. Also, get the damaged tire repaired as soon as possible because you cannot use this spare tire for a long time.

Lower Specifications

This tire is the same size as the main tire, but the frame structure will differ. 

The tread of the spare tire is less, and the tread depth is lower than that of a regular tire. At that time, the load and speed of this tire will be lower than that of the leading tire. The maximum speed you can run is 80km/h.

Smaller in size and weight

This spare tire has a smaller diameter, tread depth, and width than the main tire. With the naked eye, you can completely distinguish it. Using this tire will help you save a lot of space, is low cost, and its weight is relatively small. 

However, it will significantly reduce performance and fuel economy due to its smaller size than standard tires.

Where will the spare tire be located?

Where will the spare tire be located

Usually, the spare tire will be under the car, at the back door, or in the luggage compartment. It can sometimes be at the front of the engine compartment. 

Usually, these tires must be inflated to about 1.5 times more pressure than standard tires because it is only available when the remaining tires of the vehicle have problems. Therefore, the air can escape out of the tire after 1 time of pumping.

Some Key Notes About The Spare Tire

These tires must be hidden so they can be stolen without your knowledge. Especially with tires mounted under the car, thieves can take it away anytime without you even knowing. In addition, you need to equip a mini inflatable to use for the spare tire when needed. 

It is an indispensable tool in your car. On the other hand, you won’t need to check your spare tire as often, and the inspection time can range from 4 to 6 months.

Is the spare tire still necessary?

Adding a spare tire will mean your investment costs will increase, and the storage space may be reduced. Also, the run-flat development has made the spare tire inferior. It gradually only appeared on popular cars or high-rise vehicles. 

So, if you don’t want to use a spare tire, you can use your tire patch kit. It will allow you to continue traveling a short distance until you reach the auto repair garage.


Hopefully, this article will help you answer the question: “How fast can you go with a spare tire.” Although a spare tire can cost you more, it is still the first choice if you often travel long distances or in remote areas. It will help you continue to travel a short distance to the repair garage. 

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