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Tire Hit Curb

Tire Hit Curb: Causes & Key Factors To Consider

In using a car, despite having a lot of experience in driving, you will likely still encounter a tire hit curb condition. The extent of the impact of this incident depends on the force of the crash and the position of the tire about the curb. 

So, what details will be affected by this carelessness of yours? Read the article below to get the answer!

What Is The Tire Hit Curb?

What Is The Tire Hit Curb

Typically, hit curb tire damage rarely happens to cars because most of the contact area of ​​the puncture site will not be too dangerous. But not so that you are subjective when you have this incident. 

Specifically, the impact can cause the car to damage the outer rim due to scratches. At the same time, the brace, joystick, and suspension will also be affected, and they tend to be more severe. 

So, checking your car is essential to work when you hit the curb.

Currently, among the causes of tire sidewall damage, there is the occurrence of a tire hitting the curb. 

When a tire failure occurs, it is severe and will affect the surrounding details. To understand more about this situation, you can refer to the following section of the article.

Tire Hit Curb: Key Factors Related

Damage to a tire or rim

When a collision with a curb occurs, the tire and rim are the first two components that will be affected. It is the most common problem you will encounter when a collision occurs. 

At the same time, you can feel this impact. They will collapse when the effect occurs. In particular, the side walls of the tire will be thinner than the tread, they can crack on a tangible impact, and most likely, you will face a severe tire tearing problem.

In addition, one of the other parts that will be affected by collisions with the curb is the tire valve body. 

Under normal conditions, the valve stem will keep your tires inflated and protrude inward. When the valve body fails, it will cause tire damage from hitting cur to happen gradually. You will feel this condition clearly when you continue driving long distances.

On the other hand, another part, the wheel rim, will also be affected. 

Usually, to ensure good car performance, manufacturers use aluminum, magnesium, or iron alloys to make the rims. 

When the impact force is too strong, it will bend, causing air leakage. However, you can fix this problem quickly by straightening it. When the situation becomes more serious, you can have it replaced at any auto repair shop.

Wrong Wheels

A misaligned wheel is a subsequent problem you will encounter when you hit a curb. When a collision occurs, your wheel will suffer the most, causing it to deviate from the standard. 

It is hazardous when you collide with the front wheel. It will make them more challenging to control, and your car’s wheels will have to work more because this position is where the most significant friction is experienced during movement.

When this problem occurs, if you do not try to fix it as soon as possible, your car will use more gas, and tire wear will also happen faster. They are not safe for you either when traveling on the highway.

On the other hand, when a severe misalignment occurs, you will not be able to operate or control it. You can feel this situation clearly when the feeling of unsafe driving occurs. At this point, to fix it, you will need the help of a professional maintenance professional.

Damage to the steering system and suspension

When you move, the suspension and steering system interact with each other when the vehicle operates. Therefore, when one of these two systems fails due to hitting the curb, you will feel unsafe while driving. 

In addition, in the event of a tie rod failure, you will need to fix it immediately because your safety depends mainly on the brace. 

It is a hard metal bar that helps your car become more balanced, helping to limit the phenomenon of rapid tire wear.

On the other hand, if your braces break, you need to find and replace them. You should keep them from dying too long, or they will reduce the spring’s elasticity and balance.

Handlebar failure

When a Tire hit curb collision occurs at high speed, it can cause your controller to fail. This part is a practical assistant for the car’s shock absorber system when the vehicle is operating and circulating. 

So, when the control arm fails, it will reduce the driving performance. You can easily recognize when noise or driving without speed bumps occurs.

Usually, the control arm is quite challenging to break, but it can be bent when struck. You need to check immediately after hitting the curb. If you are not sure, you can bring your car to a repair shop, and they will help you prevent and fix it quickly.

To be dangerous, how hard must you hit the tire?

how hard must you hit the tire

Putting your tires in danger depends not only on speed but also on the base of the bridge. 

When trying to parallel park and hit the curb with a reasonably long corner, your tires won’t suffer too much. However, when your corner is narrow, and you are driving at high speed, chances are your tires will have problems.

In addition, with high-ground trucks or SUVs, the tires are hardly affected by these collisions. But the suspension is different and can fail as soon as your car hits the curb.

On the other hand, curb height is also a decisive factor in the influence of cars. When the curb is about 3 to 5 inches high, the possibility of damage to your vehicle will be higher and vice versa.

What to check after hitting a curb?

What to check after hitting a curb

When hitting a curb at low speed, you can usually continue to reverse and drive. However, you will need to recheck your car when the car crashes at high speed, and strange noises appear. The rate at which your vehicle will hit is 50 mph.

At this point, your car will show cuts and scrapes and noise alarms. Usually, to check, you would crouch under the car and start the inspection. When the suspension is lower than usual, your controller is in trouble. 

Also, if no abnormalities are detected, you must return to the vehicle and check the steering. If the car vibrates, it is a clear sign that your car is not okay. This could be due to a misaligned wheel. To fix it, you should take your car to a car repair center, and they will help you resolve this situation better.

Signs that you are grinding on the curb?

The telltale signs you’re grinding on the curb are pretty obvious. You will feel like you are chewing on something. 

When they do, they will push into your wheel. If you drive at high speed, it will make your car jump. They are very dangerous for your car. Because in addition to the appearance of scratches, it also affects the tire and related details.

Does Insurance Cover Hit a Curb?

With comprehensive insurance plans, it will cover the part you hit the roadside. Therefore, almost any problem related to this incident will be covered by insurance. However, if you only buy liability insurance, it only covers damage you cause to another vehicle. 

At this time, your crash on the curb will not receive any support costs. You can check the terms of service during the contract signing process.


This article will help you better understand the tire hit curb. If you move at a low speed, you do not need to worry too much about this case because it will not cause the car to have any severe problems. 

But when you collide at an incredible speed of about 50 mph. You need to recheck the car because the car parts may have failed.

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