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Sanded Tires

What Are The Sanded Tires? Key Things To Know

To prepare for the best upcoming races, riders must ensure their tires are in top condition. It needs to have good tire roughness to increase traction and to be able to work well in many different weather conditions. So, what are sanded tires? How to make this work? Follow the article below to know the answer.

What Are Sanded Tires?

Tire sanding is a technique to increase the maximum contact of the tire with the road surface. At this point, you will need to remove the seams in the middle of the tire. At that time, they will reach the best smoothness, which can work well in dry conditions. 

However, in wet situations, the roughening will no longer be effective because the wheel needs a tread to draw water out of the tire.

So, what impact does improving tire roughness have on your car and driving experience? Read on to learn more about this polishing process.

What Are Sanded Tires

Does The Polishing Process Affect The Tires?

As you know, roughening tires will help increase the contact area of ​​the tires with the road surface. Then you can improve your car’s good grip. 

However, roughening your tires can hurt your Alifanacct if you remove too many seams from your car tires. When you finish sanding the tire, you should still be able to see the seams between your tires. However, it will not protrude from the section too much. 

Moreover, though, roughening the sanded-down tires will help you to be able to drive smoothly on highways as well as racing blocks. But it will affect the car’s ability to roll in wet conditions. You will hardly be able to drive stably due to the absence of treads. It will not be able to suck the water out.

Can You Sand The Rubber Tire?

Yes. You can sand your rubber sand rail tires. This process is called wet sanding. It means cleaning the rubber surface without leaving sanding marks on the tires. However, before doing this work, you must determine the right sandpaper. It will make this work more efficient.

How To Make A Tire? 

For a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to remove tire seams, you’ll need a rotary tool like Dremel. 

During the process, you need to sand the machine line and hold the tool at an angle to the seam. This process requires meticulousness and care. Because it can strip the rubber out of your stitching, although performing this sanding gives you high economic benefits, it will consume much of your time.

Also another way you can cut seams is to use miniature sets of nippers (seam). This kit will make it convenient for riders, but it can be tiring for them. Therefore, using sharp pliers will help you to improve this limitation.

On the other hand, you can also use a tire machine. You must spin the tire with this machine while holding the file or sandpaper on the seam. This method will give excellent results if you regularly remove these harsh lines from your car. 

Sandpaper and thin file are 2 tools with medium fineness; it is more effective than other tools.

How To Help You Choose The Correct Sanded Tires?

How To Help You Choose The Correct Sanded Tires

In addition to roughening, racers must perform another essential task: Tire selection. The racing sand tires for beach carts will be based on many criteria. If you are still wondering about the choice, please refer to the guide below.


  • UTV/ATV Sand Tires: It is essential to understand how to read tire parameters. It will help you determine the size of that tire. Tire parameters will have a sequence consisting of 3 digits on the side. ATV tires will be smaller than UTV tires, and the reading of tire parameters will be the same in these two tires. for example, 30×14-14 would mean 30 inches in height and 14 inches in width, and the wheel diameter on which the tire would fit is 14 inches.
  • Sand motorcycle tire: The extreme sand tires displayed will be 110/90-19. Where 110 is the overall width of the tire in mm. The number 90 is the tire’s height, and 19 is the diameter of the wheel that the tire will fit in, in inches.


  • Standard wheel: This type of wheel will have 1 roller and rely entirely on the air pressure inside to push the tire. With most vehicles, this bead arrangement makes perfect sense. Because it will help the tires operate stably even when your car has to drive in the races with many obstacles, the tire will not slip, causing the beads to bounce off the rim.
  • Grain Lock Wheels: Off-road racing requires low air pressure to run on the best sand. As a result, racers often inflate their tires and aim to increase the contact area between the wheel and the surface they are riding to. Bead lock wheels will be the perfect choice for you in these terrains. There are many variations of this wheel, but the most popular one is the one with the rings facing outward. Despite its high efficiency, this tire is more expensive and difficult to maintain than other tires.

Sand car front tire 

Sand car front tires will include 3 classifications that you can use:

  • Minimal patterned front tire: It has UTV/ATV style combined with a subtle pattern and lower tire shape.
  • Ribbed Front Tire: With this type of tire, it has a solid midrib, and the veins will be discontinuous. At the same time, the tendons will point to one side, and the hybrid type will include the gays facing out.
  • A front tire without spikes: This tire will allow you to reach maximum speed. But it can make it harder to change direction at full speed. This tire is suitable for driving shots from behind, putting weight on the tire, turning, and hitting the gas.

Sand truck rear tire

  • Straight paddle tire: The tire with the best sand hooking ability.
  • V-shaped paddle tire: This tire is best suited for users who run on dunes.
  • PADDLE OFF-SET Tire: A loop suitable for high-performance vehicles with multiple paddles.
  • Hybrid Paddle Tires: Best suited for 4-wheel drive vehicles.


This article will help you better understand sanded tires. This task is essential for racing. Because it will help your tires have better traction.

However, the roughening of the tires will affect the movement when your car operates in wet and rainy conditions. 

This weather badly needs tire seams to wipe the water out. Therefore, you need to be careful in sanding the tires at the right time.

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