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Z-Rated Tires

What Are Z-Rated Tires? The Answer Is Here

With any tire available today, they have a tire rating. Rating standards use letters from A to Z to rate tire speed. So, when owning a set of Z-rated tires, you need to know what it means and why the letter Z is used for these tires.

So, what are Z-rated tires? Read the article below right now!

What Are Z-Rated Tires?

What Are Z-Rated Tires

Currently, quite a few people need clarification with z-rated tires speed. The Z rating indicates the maximum speed your tire can reach.

Nowadays, not only does the letter Z, but the manufacturer also uses other letters in the Latin alphabet. In particular, the speed rating will last from 5km/h to 300km/h. And when the tire speed can reach a maximum of 240km/h, it is a Z-rated tire, including W&Y. These two ratings often appear in sports cars.

There’s More To The Story Of Z-Rated Tires

When buying any tire, you’ll need to consider two critical considerations: the DOT serial number and the speed on the sidewall. In it, the manufacturer will distinguish the tire speed by letters from A to Z. And Z is the maximum speed rating car tires can achieve. The use of these symbols is intended to control the performance of the tire at a particular speed. 

For example, the Z-rated tire means the maximum speed you can reach is 240km/h. When you cross this limit, you will get a speed violation. It will cause you to incur a fine according to the regulations of each region.

Meaning Of Zr In Tire Ratings

Meaning Of Zr In Tire Ratings

We are all familiar with tires with ratings from A to Z. In fact, and you will probably see the ZR symbol on your tires. 

Many people will mistake this for the tire’s speed rating, but they will need to find out if it is a Z or R rating. When the ZR symbol is engraved on the size marking and the service description, the maximum speed will be the speed. occurrence on the service description. 

Although Z is the maximum speed rating, ZR may also appear in the size designation table. The top speed of the tire will still be 240km/h. However, when your rate exceeds 300 km/h. The ZR will have to appear on the code.

When should you choose a class Z tire?

Many users will need to learn whether their vehicle should use Z-rated tires or not. If you are one of them, please refer to the 2 cases where you should choose Z-rated tires below.

Improved handling

When you own a sports car, tires that show a Z speed rating are ideal. However, you should not choose Z-rated tires if you own a car just to serve daily commuting tasks. Because it is not suitable for your speed and intended use. . At this point, you should choose other tire brands that are more suitable for you.

Improve vehicle performance

In addition, if you are looking for tires that offer high performance, the Z-rating tire will be the best choice. Z rated tires for sale can be expensive because the handling is much better than other tires. However, before you buy it, you should weigh the pros and cons of a Z-rated tire to determine if your investment is worth it.

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How To Recognize And Identify Class Z Tires?

All tires will include several words printed on the sidewall: DOT number, speed rating, manufacturer code, or tire size. To determine your tire’s speed rating, check the sidewall area. 

These lines will be denoted by letters, which appear with the load number and tire size. This determination is quite simple, and the example below will help you better understand this test.

For example, The number printed on the side of the tire is P245/40R18 93Z. 93 is the load index, and Z is the tire’s speed rating. Both of these parts are collectively known as the service description.

You can also find the z in tire size in the owner’s manual, the driver’s door sill, the fuel tank cap, or anywhere your tire code is located.

How To Determine Speed ​​Rating?

How To Determine Speed ​​Rating

Image source: wheel-size.com

Tire speed ratings are subject to strict compliance with the European Economic Commission ECE standards and regulations. 

Currently, the manufacturer performs tire speed determinations in laboratories using simulated speeds and loads. Therefore, all tires are subject to strict industry standards.

To perform a tire speed rating, the tires must be fully inflated before mounting on the tester. The metrologists then press the tire into the metal drum, which allows them to simulate the load and spin the tire for about 10 minutes at the target speed.

If the tire does not exhibit abnormality, experts will conduct a speed assessment. Tires with higher speeds will have a z rating. This whole process is under ideal conditions. 

Therefore, depending on the condition of the vehicle, wear and tear or driving conditions that can directly affect the rated speed. Therefore, this method will not apply to damaged, overloaded, or improperly inflated tires.

Tire Speed ​​Rating System Quirks And Anomalies

The current rating system uses the letters A to Z. Each represents a tire’s speed rating. The following letter will have a more incredible maximum speed than the previous letter. For example, the rate of the L rating will be lower than the N.

However, the tire speed rating system has many points that need to follow its standards. 

For example, the speed rating standard of European origin is an example. Instead of the H appearing after the G, it falls between the U and V. Also, the I, O, and X ratings will not exist. Also, some ratings won’t include the letter P.

Additionally, some tires have W and Y speed ratings. Manufacturers may insert a Z in the size description for vehicles. these tires. The first rating system that includes the letter V is no speed limit. 

It is for tires with a maximum sustained speed of about 240km/h. After that, many manufacturers created tires with rates greater than 240km/h. They will need to use additional letters W and Y to indicate the speed rating.

Common Tire Speed ​​Rating Chart

  • SPEED RATING Z: Speed ​​ratings use the notation Z to indicate the largest top speed in the rating. It can include speeds of 240km/h or 300km/h. The ranking depends on each specific case. For sports cars, it will fit Z-speed-rated tires.
  • SPEED RATING T: T-rated top speed is 118 mph. With this speed, it is suitable for sedans or small family trucks.
  • SPEED RATING H: the H speed rating will be between the U and V ratings. The top speed of these tires is about 130 mph. Therefore, it is suitable for sedans or sports cups. 
  • SPEED RATING V: With a speed rating of V, the top speed of the tires is about 149 miles. hours.
  • SPEED RATING W: Tires with a W speed rating can reach a maximum sustained speed of up to 168 mph.


Hopefully, this article will help you answer the question, “What Are Z Rated Tires?”. The Z rating represents the highest speed in the ranking. 

Its top speed is about 300 km/h. Therefore, Z-rated tires will be suitable for sports cars. With household cars like sedans, you should consider choosing because the cost of Z-rated tires is much more expensive than other tires. 

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