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How To Slash A Tire

How To Slash A Tire? The Answer Is Here

Tire slicing is an action that often comes up after arguments. Because they think this is the fastest way to get revenge, it makes them feel forever satisfied. 

However, tire puncture requires technique, legal compliance, and a few other things. So, how to slash a tire? Read the full article to get the answer!

How To Slash A Tire?

how to slash a tire silently

Tire slitting is using a sharp object, such as a screwdriver or a straight nail, to slit the tire, causing it to deflate. 

This should follow the correct technique to ensure the maximum reduction in noise as well as the rate of deflation of the tires. At the same time, it is illegal behavior, and you may be fined if others find out. So, you need to consider implementing this behavior.

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If you still want to continue puncturing someone’s tire, you need to prepare some of the following kits.

Tools to consider 

In the slashing tires tips, there are 3 tools that you will see appear: a pocket knife, a screwdriver, and a kitchen knife. In which:

  • Pocket knife: This kit is the most common in the tire slits that have occurred. It is pretty small in size and is everyone’s everyday item. So very few people will notice carrying a pocket knife in your pocket. This knife set has a serrated design. It is suitable for complex objects such as rubber tires. Thanks to the kit, you can cut the tire easily,
  • Kitchen Knife: You can take any knife in your kitchen cabinet to make the tire slit. With this kit, you need sharp and harsh blades to cut through the tire surface. However, using a kitchen knife will make people notice you more. You should pay attention to the people around you before doing it.
  • Screwdriver: One of the best ways to puncture tires is to use a screwdriver. It has enough damage to pierce through the side walls. Although it takes a lot of your work, it still gives the same result as cutting a tire.

Before you start slitting, you need to understand what slash tires mean. Parts that contain considerable air pressure when inflated. 

So it can explode if you need to learn how to cut a tire. This will dangerously affect you and cause loud noise. Car owners can spot and arrest you for this offense. 

Therefore, please refer to the tire incision steps below if you want to avoid being discovered by others.

Step by step

  • Step 1: In this step, you need to aim directly at the tire wall position. Because this is the weakest position on the tire that you can quickly attack.
  • Step 2: After finding the incision position, you must stand facing away with the tire between your legs. Because the tire pressure is so high, sudden tire cuts can put your eyes and face in danger. Therefore, turning away is necessary.
  • Step 3: Use strong force to stab the tire wall. Then you continue to make an incision on one side. This work needs to be done quickly and with constant pressure.

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Can you slash tires without making noise? 

Can you slash tires without making noise

Slitting tires without noise is the best way to prevent others from seeing you doing this illegal act. 

This task is not easy because the tire has an enormous pressure, and it is easy to make a loud noise when you cut it. So, how to slash tires quickly but still help minimize noise emissions?

One trick you can remember is to cut the tire in the same direction as yours. It will help ensure your eyes’ safety with the tire’s high pressure. To minimize noise, you should deflate your tires by loosening the valve. 

Then continue to make 1 incision on the tire. When this happens, air escapes from your incision and comes from the air valve. The noise will be quiet for others to hear.

How long does it take for a cut tire to deflate?

The time it takes for a tire to deflate will depend on the actual pressure, tire size, and the puncture area. For example, when you use a screwdriver or a screwdriver, the puncture area is relatively small, and it can take hours for a tire to deflate. 

But when you use a knife and widen the incision, the air only takes a few minutes to escape. An incision about 1 inch long can cause a tire to deflate in less than 1 minute.

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Can you repair slit tires?

Can you repair slit tires

Have. You can treat tire incisions for your car. By using patches, seals can help you prevent air from escaping the tire. However, if the incision is so large that a patch becomes useless, it will be difficult for you to fix the problem for your tire.

In addition, most of the incisions will appear on the sidewall of the tire. This position does not have a steel belt in the groove. Therefore, it will affect the integrity after perforation. 

It is illegal to patch such a tire in some places, and you must not do it. They require you to replace the tire with a new one when an incision appears on the side wall of this part. Therefore, you need to consider this when performing repair of tire incisions. 

How to prove someone slashed your tires?

Treading a tire is not a high-priority offense. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to ask the competent units to find the culprit who has slashed your tires. 

Usually, one of the simplest things you can do is to extract the camera recorded during that period. 

However, if there is no camera at that location, it will be difficult for you to find the culprit. Extracting camera footage from surrounding areas is one way to expand your ability to see this object.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Why do people slash tires? Is it illegal?

It is illegal to cut or puncture a tire. Most tire slits happen due to personal conflicts. It will help them feel vented and create discomfort for the other person. 

However, if you intend to do this work, you can choose the other lighter case that is not illegal to deflate a tire. 

Does car insurance cover slit tires?

You will receive coverage when using comprehensive insurance packages for your car. They will pay for your slashed tires.

How to avoid slitting the tire?

Most cases of tire cuts are caused by friction between you and others. So, to protect your car, you will need to park your vehicle in areas with cameras, in the right part of the road. At the same time, do not cause too much friction with everyone to limit the situation of tire slits.


This article will help you answer how to slash a tire?. Tire cuts almost always come from an argument between you and people. Sometimes it needs more awareness, such as parking in the wrong direction and taking up other people’s space.

Tire slitting is now illegal and needs to be done technically for your safety. High air pressure can put you in danger.

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