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How Much Is A Tire Patch

How Much Is A Tire Patch? [Answered]

Tire puncture is one of the common problems that any driver will encounter on his or her journey. Like many other damages, you need to spend a certain amount on repairs if you want to continue moving. 

So, how much is a tire patch? Can this error be handled if you don’t have cash on hand? Don’t let this problem bother you when you need to concentrate on driving. Check out the detailed article below!

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tire Patched?

How Much Is A Tire Patch

There is no fixed price for tire repair. Rates will vary depending on the service provider and your tire size. 

But luckily, this number only ranges from as low as $10 to as high as $50. So you don’t have to worry too much about not preparing enough money if you leave your wallet at home.

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Vehicle Repair Cost 

For more details on the prices of car repair services, the information below will help you a lot. Not only do the prices at the store, but I also provide you with information about the kits to repair the holes in the tire yourself.

Sewing tires at the shop

With roadside shops, they will charge relatively low fees for services and supplies in the range of 10$ to 25$ because the patches here are usually only temporary to help you get back to safety. 

This also means we will need to take the car to a service or warranty facility to check and replace it if necessary.

You will need to pay a little more at more extensive facilities, where the repair crew takes nearly 30 minutes to complete the checks. Although there is no general price list, these services usually require a fee of about 30-45 $ for a patch. 

If the number of holes increases or the damage locations are too complex, you may pay an additional amount. 

The amount you pay for the service at the maintenance facility also often includes tire-balancing steps for the newly patched wheel. This step is crucial as it allows the car to be more balanced even though the amount of air in the tires may not be

Do-it-yourself at home

In addition to bringing it to the store, we still have another option to manipulate it with built-in kits. Two types of products are commonly found, complete and compact for trips.

With a complete kit, you can patch large and relatively complex holes. But of course, some damage will only be repaired in the shop by professionals. 

But there is a perfect chance you will be able to manage it yourself if you buy these devices. For good used equipment, 1 complete tire patch kit is usually between $50 and $120.

The instant patch sets are usually cheaper for just $ 5 and have a small size for you to carry on trips easily. The problem is that these products only deal with some basic vulnerabilities and aren’t durable enough to take us too far. 

So you need to be mentally prepared that these patches are only temporary and we need to get to the stores as soon as possible.

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Methods Of Self-Patching Cars 

It is challenging to know the tire patching method that the shops use. But you can learn how to patch tires yourself at home. We should also carefully refer to this knowledge to make the most appropriate choice when manipulating.

Use tire patch

It can be said that using patches is the fastest and cheapest way to come to mind when discussing methods of dealing with holes. Go to the store and buy dozens of different products for less than $3. 

Most basic vulnerabilities are suitable for us to patch with a tire patch. However, if you, unfortunately, encounter tears in the shoulder or side of the tire, you will need a different treatment. 

In addition, holes more significant than the size of the sticker are not among the problems we can handle.

Use plugs

Plugs are the name for push button patch devices, and you will need some tools to get the device inside the leaky part of the tire. However, using plugs is much more straightforward than we imagine.

All you have to do is find the hole, put the tool in and press it. The included pushers help these patch plugs go deep into the tire and inflate to prevent air leaks. 

Of course, you can also only use plugs for some instances, which are mainly small punctures and not too bad.

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The reasons for the car tire to be punctured 

tire went flat overnight but now holds air

Talking about why a tire suddenly blows in the middle of the road, we can list many different problems. However, looking closely, you will notice that they all fall into two large groups. 

The first and most common are environmental causes. The second is the damage from the product side. Although less likely, usually, a manufacturer defect will have much more severe consequences.

Environmental factors

With a tire traveling at 40 to 50km/h, anything as small as a nail to as large as a rock becomes more dangerous. Therefore, any sharp object has a chance to become a factor that causes punctures.

The problem you need to pay attention to here is that the smaller the objects, the more significant the damage to the tire. Fast speed increases the force of obstacles on the surface. 

At the same time, the small impact surface is also another cause of increased pressure on the tire. Combining all these factors will cause deep and serious punctures in your tires. So don’t underestimate even small nails or shards of glass.

Problems from the manufacturer

Despite going through a lot of testing steps, there is still a tiny percentage of tire models that will have defects in the valve or the surface. This causes these products to be overstretched and automatically tear apart due to uneven pressure. 

These tears are usually quite severe and difficult to patch. Besides, the faulty frame also easily causes other details to crash into the tire and cause unexpected damage.

What To Do If The Tire Is Punctured? 

What To Do If The Tire Is Punctured

It will be a disaster if you do not know how to control the car in the event of a flat tire in the middle of the road. At this point, most of us will feel panic, but you need to calm down and follow the instructions below.

First, pay attention to the current speed. You need to brake slowly if it is between 50 and 60 km/h. Meanwhile, turn on the warning lights and steer the vehicle to the nearest curb. Unless the tire makes a noise and deflates quickly, you should also get down and check again. 

Because the pressure sensors will still have errors and create false messages that confuse us. And for more accurate measurements, remember to use specialized meters.

If the tire is flat on the highway, you need to immediately turn on the warning light and gently apply the brake. 

Note that you must only use the brake slowly because emergency braking will quickly increase the risk of overturning and causing catastrophic accidents. 

Once you have mastered the speed, you must perform the same steps as when moving at low speed.

When To Change All Tires?

If the tire already has too many punctures, it is best to replace it with a new product instead of constantly adding patches. This action will help you move safely, especially on less stable roads. 

Here, regular patches will pop open whenever due to many impacts. And it would be a disaster if many parts were torn apart simultaneously. Until then, we will have to replace the old product with a new tire only.

Another case we need to consider replacing a tire is when the old tire has large tears or is in sensitive locations. We can still patch these holes if we have the right tools. But I’m sure the patches will come out soon.

Cost To Change Tires

The fixed cost of labor to change a tire is usually between $15 and $50. We will add this number to the tire price between $80 and over $200 to get the most accurate result. 

But you also need to remember that each type of vehicle will have its unique product type. Some large vehicles will need premium tires for $200 or more. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the type of product that your car uses to avoid buying the wrong one.


And here is all the information to help you answer the question of how much is a tire patch. This knowledge will be of great help to you in the process of moving on the road. So please refer carefully and remember to apply quickly in critical situations.

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