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Tire Pressure Light Still On After Filling Tires

Tire Pressure Light Still On After Filling Tires: Things To Know

If your tire has been inflated and the tire pressure light is still flashing, you should consider having your vehicle checked as soon as possible because this is a sign of problems inside the tire pressure control system

This special system allows you to grasp the condition of your tires quickly. And if there is any problem with the controller, we will not be able to travel safely with the vehicle. So you’ll need to promptly identify and address the issues that cause the tire pressure sensor won’t go off. 

So what are the necessary steps or common causes of this condition? The answers to these questions will all be in today’s article.

Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Still On After Filling the Tires? 

Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Still On After Filling the Tires

There are many reasons why the indicator light stays on even though you have inflated the tires. 

However, I will divide these causes into small groups for you to keep track of. Please keep in mind the topics that I am about to cover below.

Because you will need this information to determine the main problem causing the system errors.

Tires that don’t hold air

Tires that don’t hold air are one of the most common causes of tire pressure light still on. 

This problem stems from leaks in the tire or in the parts connected to the pump nozzle. If these openings are too small, the air inside will be released slowly instead of massively.

And unfortunately, the meter that comes with the pump is often not sensitive enough to capture changes of this kind. 

Therefore, after some time, after pumping, the tire will gradually deflate due to the loss of the necessary air. The indicator light will once again come on to warn you of a loss of pressure. 

Indicator light failure

In many cases, the indicator light on the controller is the only part that has a problem.

In other words, you will only have to replace or repair this small light bulb. There are many causes of indicator light failure, such as short circuits or broken wires. 

But whatever the reason, you can have peace of mind because this is the type of damage that is easiest to repair and replace. And, of course, you will also save a large amount of cost and time when operating.

Sensor failure

The sensor is the essential part of the tire pressure control system. These electronic components will record any changes in the gas. This information is then transmitted to the processor to react accordingly. 

If the sensor fails, all the signals the system receives will appear to have serious deviations. 

This leads to the processor giving the wrong actions, such as turning on the indicator light while the tire is full of air.

It is often difficult to repair the sensor, and you will need to replace these parts completely.

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Tire Pressure Light type 

Tire Pressure Light type 

Before turning off the tire pressure light, you should know how to distinguish the different types of signals emitted by the tire pressure light. Because some flickering patterns are standard while the rest are signs of problems.

Lights on and stays on

If the pressure indicator light comes on and stays on, the pressure in the tire is not right. It should be noted that too much or too little air causes the lights to come on. In this case, you should use pressure gauges to check and rule out causes related to leaks.

The light comes on once and then goes off

Just like when the light comes on and stays on if the indicator light comes on once and then goes off, it means your tire is having a problem with the pressure. But instead of the entire tire, only one of the tires had a problem. 

Unfortunately, you can’t tell where the problem is by looking at the lights. So we have to check directly if we want to intervene early.

The light flashes continuously for a minute and then goes off

This is the most obvious sign that the tire pressure control system or the sensors are having problems. If you encounter this message, you must take your car to a reputable garage or shop as soon as possible to receive the appropriate help.

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How Long After Filling Tires Does The Light Go Off?

How Long After Filling Tires Does The Light Go Off

Usually, the system will disable the low tire pressure light after you have traveled a few miles. Except for vehicles with system problems, the pressure indicator light will never go off immediately after you move. 

The processor will need time to calculate the exact amount of air in the tire. The sensor chips must also collect enough data before sending it to the processing and control center. 

The operation of both of these processes is the cause of the prolonged off time of the indicator light.

How Do I Tell Which Tire Pressure Sensor Is Bad? 

The simplest way to determine if the sensor has a problem is to use a pressure gauge. This way, you will determine if the sensor has a pain in the shortest time. 

You can consider conducting a test if the parameters that the meter shows are contrary to the system’s message. 

Of course, the metric method still has certain limitations. To be sure, you should bring the car to a reputable shop to have it checked.

How to Fix the Tire Pressure Light Issue? 

Depending on the type of problem, we will need to develop appropriate handling methods. Refer to the information below to know what to do in the individual case.

With tires

If the problem comes from the tire, you just need to replace it with a new product. If the damage is still acceptable, we can consider patching the problem areas.

However, this is only temporary, and you should still use new tires to avoid safety hazards.

With indicator lights and a sensor system

It is easy for us to learn how to reset tire pressure lights, but it is best to ask for the help of professionals. They have all the skills and tools to intervene deeply in the system while ensuring the vehicle’s stability. 

You should know that electronic circuits and sensors are costly but highly fragile components. Therefore, a negligent act can cost you a considerable amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disabling TPMS Illegal?

Every government requires that car models leave the factory to have a TPMS to ensure safety on the road. So you will be in legal trouble if you operate a vehicle with this system turned off.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix TPMS?

It will cost you $ 50 to $ 100 if you want to fix the root problems with TPMS. By replacing the system with a new one, issues with old components will disappear quickly.

Where Is The TPMS Reset Button?

Usually, TPMS Reset Button will be located below the steering wheel, but depending on the design and type, there will be differences in the button layout.


A tire pressure light still on after filling tires is a potentially dangerous. So if you notice this problem on your car, please quickly apply the information I have provided to take effective and safe measures soon.

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