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How Fast Can You Drive On A Donut

How Fast Can You Drive On A Donut? Detailed Answer

Donut tires can be a reasonable option to keep you on the road if, unfortunately, the main tire has problems. Yet, these products cannot completely replace the tire you are equipping your vehicle with.

The lack of features prevents you from operating the car too fast with donut tires. And you may run into the accelerating without knowing a reasonable stop.

So what is the highest speed we can reach? How fast can you drive on a donut? This article will help you answer all these questions most simply and accurately.

What Is A Donut Tire? 

What Is A Donut Tire

Donut is the name for compact replacement tires with a shape similar to donuts. Their main task is to help us move more within a certain distance.

From there, it allows you to continue your journey until you find a suitable place to repair or replace the main tire set.

As a temporary support device, the donut tire cannot take on the role of specialized tire models.

Its design is too flimsy and lacks many features needed to keep it safe. So, you will encounter many limitations in riding on this tire model.

Is There a Difference Between a Spare Tire and a Donut? 

Although they are the exact replacement tires, the spare and donut tires have many apparent differences. These characteristics make each product line suitable for unique needs.

You should carefully grasp these factors to choose the most suitable replacement tire model for yourself.


Spare tire has the same size as regular tire models. Meanwhile, driving on a donut is only half of the standard products. This size difference is the most noticeable feature that distinguishes the two tire lines.

You can still install these two alternative designs on any different car models. Yet, more problems will arise if the size difference is significant. Accordingly, it would help if you did not try to use large tires for small rims like sedans and vice versa.


With its ideal size, the spare tire will also be much heavier than the donut tire. Hence, you will only be able to carry a donut for long periods on your journey.

In this case, the donut tire is superior with compactness and ease of transport.

Durability and stability

With the naked eye, you can easily see that the spare tire is thicker.

So this tire line works stably in many vehicles with few problems on the road. In contrast, the donut tire is much more fragile and requires the driver to be careful when using it.

You can only travel so far with this tire, which takes 200 miles in a short time.

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How Fast Can You Drive on a Donut Tire?

How Fast Can You Drive on a Donut Tire

There is much debate about the speed at which the donut tire should travel. 

However, all comments suggest that the speed threshold will be between 50 and 70 mph. But it would help if you remembered that this is not a fixed milestone in the donut tire speed chart.

Max speed

The practice has proven that 70 mph is the highest speed that this tire can withstand. However, not all products are durable enough to reach this number. We will have different answers depending on the structure and quality of the material that makes up the tire.

You will need to consult the documentation or recommendations from the manufacturer to be able to move correctly and avoid accidents. Because if the limit is exceeded, the risk of explosion or other severe damage to the tire is very great.

Safe speed

If you are unsure of the donut tire speed restriction or want to move quickly but safely, you should only drive at 50 mph. 

Many studies based on travel data show that the number of problems that occur is significantly reduced when we keep the speed below 50. 

Even donut tires will still have fantastic stability if you stay within the speed number above.

What Will Happen If You Drive Too Fast On A Donut Spare Tire? 

Many problems will occur if you move too fast with a tire as fragile as a donut. And all of them lead to a single result that affects your safety and those around you.

Danger to yourself

Losing grip, tearing, or bursting a tire in the middle of the road will all pose great danger to the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Flimsy donut tires make safety hazards even more likely. Things will be even worse if you travel too high and cannot control your vehicle.

If you don’t want to put yourself in these awkward situations, you must be careful and always move within the allowed speed.

Danger to those around

If we lose and cannot control, the car will move by inertia. If people moving around do not react in time, there is a high chance of a series of accidents. At this point, you will be fully responsible for all damages caused by your actions.

How Should I Drive with a Donut Tire?

You must follow the four recommendations below to drive safer with donut tires. You will avoid a lot of risks if you consider all of the following factors:

  • Always ready to handle: Psychology is essential when driving, especially when using replacement tires such as donuts. In general, you need to be prepared to keep your mind up even when cornering, braking or when incidents occur
  • Keep the speed below 50 mph: This is the limit you should follow if you want to be safe. Of course, you can move faster if the tires allow it. But I don’t think we should risk our safety like that
  • Check the support systems carefully: When changing a relatively thin tire, such as a donut, some support systems will not work as when we use standard tires. So you need to check and determine which ingredients are not working properly.
  • Keep tire pressure balanced: Tires that are too hard or too soft are dangerous. So make sure you only pump enough air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive on a donut for a week?

The answer depends on how much you move. But keep in mind that if your total mileage in a week exceeds the 50-mile mark, you should carefully consider the responsiveness of your tires. And if the number is over 70, the answer is no.

Are donuts legal?

Donut tires are entirely legal all over the world. You can use it with complete peace of mind if you do not arbitrarily repair or change the structure.


With the above knowledge, you will likely find the correct answer to how fast can you drive on a donut?” From there, you know the right speed to move when using this particular tire.

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