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Can I Plug A Run Flat Tire

Can You Plug A Run Flat Tire? [Answered]

Currently, many users choose flat tires instead of spare tires, as before. This tire allows you to drive even when your tire pressure is low. So, the question arises: “can you plug a run-flat tire?” Will it affect your rim structure? Read the full article below to get the answer.

Can I Plug A Run Flat Tire?

Can You Plug A Run Flat Tire

With some flat tires today, they can be patched and plugged. It depends entirely on the manufacturer of that car tire. 

Some manufacturers don’t recommend it, while others offer tire replacement warranties under certain conditions. Therefore, you need to read your car’s owner’s manual to make sure you can repair a cracked tire.

Usually, the repair of a bottle tire will require the use of a type of tire seal. It is a band of leather wrapped inside a rubber compound. This long leather will be inserted into the hole and sealed inside the tire. With some flat tires, it can be patched on the tire. This depends on the degree of damage as well as the policies of the manufacturer. 

Before doing this, read the recommendations for flat tire troubleshooting carefully. Tire patching does not apply to all vehicles. 

Because some manufacturers advise users to replace the entire tire of the split racks, when you repair a tire, you will lose the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty. If the tires need to be fixed, you will need to pay for this yourself.

On the other hand, the American Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) has issued safety standards regarding tire repair. Therefore, before starting to repair yourself, read this document and listen to the opinions of experts and manufacturers. It will help you ensure your rights during the usage period.

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Do flat tires on flat roads provide more durability? 

A flat tire will be more durable than a regular tire because it is constructed with thicker sidewalls than other tires, such as spare tires. 

As a result, this tire can withstand the extreme weight of the vehicle, which traditional tires cannot guarantee. Due to the large thickness, the flat tire is quite heavy. It is hard and withstands substantial impacts. It doesn’t just work when your tire is punctured or intact.

The safety level of flat tires

safety level of flat tires

Flat tires can provide a high level of safety for you. Specifically, traditional tires can be disassembled for cars. 

Therefore, it can cause you to lose control and be in danger. As for the flat tire, it is designed to stick to the wheel even when you corner. This tire can resist abuse both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, you will feel safer when using this flat tire.

What do flat tires save you?


A flat tire will give you good fuel economy when you can mount the wheel and spare tire at the same time. Because carrying a spare tire in the car can significantly affect the ability to save gas. In addition, these savings will be negligible if your vehicle comes with a tire anti-slip kit.


Yes. One of the most significant benefits of using flat tires is the ability to save space. Now, you will only need to reserve a small area for spare tires. 

Thanks to that, you can both save space and save on investment costs for this spare tire. However, you need to be prepared to receive a tire repair kit. It won’t take up too much space, and you’ll need it at some point.

Are Run Flat Tires Comfortable?

Not all car tires are comfortable for you. Usually, flat tires in the high-end segment for famous manufacturers will bring an excellent experience to you. 

On the other hand, flat tires of the lower quality segment may give you an unsatisfactory driving experience. The reason is that their structure is quite hard, and not suitable when you move on uneven roads.

Are Run Flat Tires More Expensive? 

Are Run Flat Tires More Expensive

Run flat tires are more expensive than other tires. Using this tire in the high-price segment will provide an excellent and comfortable driving experience. 

Therefore, the money you spend is worth the experience you get back. Statistically, the amount you need to pay for these tires will be about 25% more for a standard tire than a flat tire.

The popularity of flat tires

Currently, run-flat tires are increasingly being used by more and more users. However, when it comes to popularity, non-flat tires dominate. That’s because some tires just don’t work as well as they do other than a worn-out tire.

The efficiency of run-flat tires 

With a flat tire, you would expect it to perform poorly for a short time. Because this tire cannot be used effectively when passing 50 miles. On the other hand, you can’t go fast with a flat tire, and flat tires can’t fix that. It is a disadvantage when you have to travel long distances. When you do, you will face a bad driving experience.

Is driving with a flat tire punctured for too long dangerous for you?

If your car tire has a small hole, you can travel at speeds over 50 mph. This will only affect the quality of the tire a little. 

However, you should not ride for too long in this case; not all weather conditions will be suitable. Driving for too long with flat tire damage the rim structure and tire-related components such as the brakes. 

So, the best way is to only move for a short time with a flat tire because your action will likely cause you to lose a large amount of money for future repairs. 

Should you choose a regular tire or a flat tire?

Should you choose a regular tire or a flat tire

A standard or flat tire choice will depend on your intended use. Specifically, if you move your car to areas like town, …. there are many repair centers, and you don’t need to use flat tires. 

However, the flat tire is arguably the most efficient. Because it can work well even if your tire is punctured. Therefore, many manufacturers are more interested in providing flat tires because they realize their convenience.

Can I Leave A Flat Run Flat Tire Overnight?

No. You should wait to drive with a flat tire overnight. Even if it’s a standard tire, you shouldn’t do it. In addition, if you do not go and leave your car with a flat tire, you do not need to worry too much about this. 

Because flat tires are designed with the ability to withstand large amounts of weight. So, leaving it overnight only affects the wheel’s structure a little.

However, not all flat tires are the same. With heavy vehicles, leaving it with a flat tire in the low segment can cause imbalance. It’s not suitable for your car’s rim and tire structure.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can Goodyear Run-Flat Tires Be Plugged? 

The Goodyear flat tire is only used on vehicles with a tire pressure monitoring system installed. At that time, the driver will receive an alert when tire pressure problems occur. You can control and minimize the distance traveled.

Can Bridgestone Run Flat Tires Be Plugged?

Tires with calluses may not be used due to punctures. So, Bridgestone’s tire specialists will test the tires before deciding whether they should be patched or plugged. These repair tasks will depend on pressure level, puncture, location, and ambient temperature. You should consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual before operating a car with a patched tire.

Can Michelin Run Flat Tires Be Plugged?

A Michelin flat tire can be repaired by the same typical methods as a standard tire. Therefore, if your tire can be repaired, a technician will plug it in. However, you will only be able to improve your tires if your sidewall is repaired. Therefore, to be able to fix it, you should consult more experts.

The limitations of run flat tires

  • Not as comfortable as regular tires
  • It costs more than other tires
  • Not too many choices for you
  • Sometimes it’s useless

Can you drive with a flat tire puncture?

You can drive with a punctured tire in case of an extra flat tire. 

However, the maximum distance you can travel is 50 miles if you want to avoid the details in the tires being affected. 

In addition, if you leave it overnight with a flat tire, you can rest assured. It can withstand extreme loads, helping to balance and lift your car for a long time.


Hopefully, this article will help you answer the question: “Can you plug a run-flat tire?”. Flat tires not only help you to move well even if your tire is punctured, but it also saves you considerable storage space. 

However, that does not mean that you abuse it. Because you can’t drive with flat tires for too long, it will cause your tires to be affected if traveling for too long.

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