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WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners

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DigitalFit floor liners from WeatherTech deliver some of the best interior style and floor protection you’ll find on the market. Because they’re made from a special tri-extruded material, there is almost nothing that can damage the DigitalFit series. From impacts and weather to chemicals and debris, nothing gets through. These WeatherTech floor liners actually hold in harmful messes with their channeled surface and lifted edges, keeping your floor safe until you’re ready to hose the liners off. DigitalFit floor liners also employ a textured upper and lower surface, supplying you with excellent traction both above and below. This also prevents unwanted movement, keeping each liner in its intended spot for better coverage. WeatherTech makes these liners for lasting use and covers their DigitalFit liner series with a solid three year warranty, ensuring total satisfaction.
Constructed out of a tough, tri-extruded material
Simple maintenance
For remarkable floor protection and lasting style, DigitalFit floor liners use a special tri-extruded construction. WeatherTech uses this unique composition to give the DigitalFit series a tight floor grip and a nearly unbreakable core structure. From impact damage to nasty spills, a set of DigitalFit floor liners can take serious abuse and still keep your factory carpet looking like new. When you want only the best in style and floor defense, WeatherTech delivers.
Factory floor mats are carpeted. This can be an issue, especially when it comes time to clean out caked on mud, stains, and debris. Upgrade to WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners and make cleaning a breeze. Because of their channeled design and non-stick surface, an entire set of DigitalFit liners can be hosed clean and dried off in mere minutes. If they’re overly caked with mud and muck, simply use a bit of soap and these floor liners will look brand new.
Laser measured for a flawless custom fit
Channeled design carries mess to large lower reservoir
The name says it all. DigitalFit floor liners offer the most customized fit available in modern floor coverings. WeatherTech uses one of the most cutting-edge laser measuring techniques to craft the DigitalFit series. Because these liners are seamlessly contoured to your vehicle’s floor, you’ll get total coverage and amazing interior style. No matter how hard you are on these floor liners, they’ll always keep their custom formed shape to meet your ride’s exact specifications.
WeatherTech gave the DigitalFit series deep channels and large side reservoirs. Though these additions add a sleek modern style, more importantly, they trap in mud, liquids, and debris. The channels carry this unwanted mess away from your feet into the lower reservoirs. Once contained in the reservoir, simply empty the floor liner over your door sill. Helpful utility and a convenient design put DigitalFit floor liners far ahead of the competition.
Textured exterior adds safety and non-slip footing
3-Year warranty from the manufacturer
Each set of WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners employs a textured upper and lower surface. There are two major benefits of using a textured liner over a smooth application. Smooth floor liners can cause your feet to slide while driving, especially when wet. The textured exterior of DigitalFit floor liners keeps your feet steady, even when they’re wet or muddy. A textured surface also creates friction between the factory carpet and the liner, removing the possibility of dangerous shifts and bends. While it may seem like a small feature at first, the rugged texture used on DigitalFit floor liners is a huge boost to driver safety.
Each set of DigitalFit floor liners comes with a three year manufacturer warranty. If either workmanship or materials are not up to the necessary standards, WeatherTech will make it right. Customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship is the cornerstone of WeatherTech. Dedication to both these aspects has made DigitalFit floor liners an exceptional choice in floor protection.
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118 reviews
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john c
flat rock, MI
Great product
The color match is spot on with these mats. They are great! And they fully protect the carpet.
Scott W
Oxford Junction, IA
Great Product
Great product that fits well and is easy to install. The price was hard to choke down but, I think is worth the money.
Harold G
Kissimmee, FL
New floor mats
They fit perfectly, look great, and I am completely satisfied.
Colin B
Canberra ACT, Australia
Weather Tech Floor liners
I have bought these floor mats to replace the factory fitted rubber mats. The Weather Tech floor liners leave the rest for dead. These are the best by far.
Kathy D
Lake Charles, LA
Weather Tech Front Floor Liners
These floor liners are superb compared to the run of the mill mats that you purchase at the regular places. Every inch of the carpet is covered. There will be no ugly spots or spills to contend with. The husband, whom I purchased these for, was simply amazed at the precise fit and coverage these offer and believe me he will be the ultimate tester of them as he's a dedicated hunter and not afraid to drive the truck through any and all things to get to the deer. Thank you for making something that actually takes care of a problem for many people. These are worth every penny.
Kathy D
Lake Charles, LA
Weather Tech Rear Floor Mat
Imagine - coverage of your whole truck carpet. These mats are above average in that. Husband & I love the fact that these actually have a lip to prevent any spillage from traveling under the front seats! These are absolutely worth the cost to protect your carpet and eliminate any concern for stains or spills. Thank you for providing a wonderful product.
Marty G
Spring Valley, IL
WeatherTech Floor Mats
Super producthowever I found the same mats 25.00 cheaper locally. After I received the ordered mats. Lot to be said for shopping around
Mark F
shippensburg, PA
Great floor mat
These are amazing floor mats. They fit the floor just like advertized. I was a little concered about the price but they are worth every penny.
David G
Ovalo, TX
Floor mats
Great fit! These will save the flooring in the new ride.
george w
enterprise, AL
Great mats
These mats are great fitting, allowing for great protection of your carpet and floorboard. I love the design that allows liquid to virtually flow out of the door without ever touching the carpet. As a scuba diver and boater it is common to get in the truck with wet boots or clothes. These mats solve the problem...
Devin H
Newburgh, IN
WeatherTech 2012 Dodge Ram
The look and fit of this product is great...I rated this product 4 stars because they are the best high wall protective mats I have seen or purchased over the years.
Coleman C
Mill Valley, CA
Floor mats
This is a perfect fit and I really like the edge flap running over the door threshold. I will buy this product again for my next truck.
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