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Volant Nissan Titan Cool Air Intake System

Volant Nissan Titan Cool Air Intake System
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Upgrade your truck with this excellent cool air intake system from Volant. One of the best looking and best performing intake systems available, this kit has a lot of great features. The kit includes a crosslink polyethylene filter box, which increases horsepower and insulates and protects the filter from hot air from the engine compartment. The crosslink polyethylene air ducts are sculpted to let the engine breathe. Larger diameters, unique bends, and smooth transitions enable maximum horsepower and awesome throttle response.

The high-grade, cleanable, and reusable ram filter reduces air restriction and increases engine output. Its precision-pleat geometry optimizes airflow throughout the entire intake system. The high-performance silicone hose connectors provide flexibility while maintaining strength and thermal stability. Easy-to-maintain and versatile marine-grade clamps are included, allowing for optimal performance.

  • Polyethylene filter box insulates filter and increases horsepower
  • Polyethylene air ducts increase horsepower and improve throttle response
  • Cleanable and reusable filter optimizes airflow and increases engine output
  • Silicone hose connectors provide flexibility and strength
  • Included marine-grade clamps are versatile and easy to maintain

This great cold air intake system from Volant will improve your truck's performance by increasing its horsepower and throttle response. With quality parts like these, this kit will give added life to your truck for years to come.

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1 reviews
Stan H
Voorheesville, NY
Volant Cold Air Intake System
All and all the system went in with only a small alteration of the mounting holes. Wish they would have included some kind of foam gaskets to seal box to fender and a cover to block the scope opening if it isn't going to be used. Picked up an extra mpg with this unit.
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