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Spyder Chevy Silverado Projector Headlights

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Spyder Automotive's line of of Projector replacement headlights offer some of the sleekest and most modern headlight upgrades around. Built to meet or exceed today's stringent ISO and OEM standards, these lights not only look great, they are built to last and hold up against time and harsh weather conditions. Each set features polycarbonate lenses and polyamides or polyprophite housings, depending on application. Factory halogen style bulbs are used for high and low beam lighting, and you can count on the headlights to feature proper refracting properties, offering you the correct amount of lighting to stay safe and keep things visible.

Headlights are sold in pairs and are available with different housing finishes and with different accent lighting depending on your trucks year and model. Accent styles offered include BMW style halo light rings or Audi style U-bar lights. Some lights even come with additional LED lighting accents. Halo lighting usually comes in either CCFL or LED powered options, while U-Bar style lights only use LED technology. While not as bright or reliable as LED lighting, CCFL lights offer a solid, warm glow that looks natural. LED lighting tends to last longer and is brighter, but when up close you can see the individual LED's, which some people do not favor.

Direct replacements for your factory headlights, Spyder Chevy Silverado Projector Headlights utilize factory mounting points, wiring connectors, and halogen style bulbs. Comes with detailed installation instructions and requires only common hand tools.
  • Custom appearance and lighting
  • Meets OEM and ISO quality standards
  • Factory, halogen style high and low beam lighting
  • 2-Pc Headlight replacement set
  • Multiple housing finishes made
  • Halo or U-bar style accent light rings
  • LED light accents depending on application
  • Can be installed at home
  • Comes with detailed instructions
Reliable, well-built, and attractive, these headlight upgrades from Spyder Automotive are the perfect lighting accessory to give your Silverado truck a fresh new look. Built to the same quality standards as your factory lights, you can expect light output to be the same or better than your original lights, but with oh some much more flare.
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1 reviews
Lovell, Wyo
It is pretty mean looking headlight and would go good with black or white, well I guess pretty much any color...
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
5009456, 5009463, 5009494, 5009500, 5009579, 5009586, 5009593, 5009609, 5030023, 5030030, 5033864, 5033871, 5079473, 5079480