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Rugged Ridge 5" Composite Housing HID Off-Road Light

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Rugged Ridge HID Off-Road lighting takes off-road lighting to the next level. Rugged Ridge mated the brilliance of High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs with the rugged construction of traditional halogen off-road lights. The result is more efficient and powerful beam with better capability of illuminating the night sky. HID lights are 2-1/2 times more powerful than halogen lights and draw 60% less current than a standard 100 watt fog light. 

Constructed with heavy-duty, ABS composite housings, Rugged Ridge lights feature water-proof connections, internal ballasts, and a reinforced multi-directional mounting base. Sold individually, each Rugged Ridge HID light includes an impact-resistant cover.

  • 12V, 35 Watt, 4200K HID bulb
  • 2-1/2 Times more powerful than halogen bulbs
  • Draws 60% less current than a standard 100 watt fog light
  • Internal Ballast
  • Water-proof connections
  • Reinforced, multi-directional mounting base
  • Heavy-duty, ABS composite housing
  • Includes impact-resistant cover 
  • Sold individually

Studies have demonstrated drivers react faster and more accurately to obstacles with HID lighting rather than halogen. With an average HID bulb life at 2000 hours compared to the normal 500 to 1000 hours for halogen units, the Rugged Ridge HID lights are a great addition to any vehicle.

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1 reviews
Wayne V
Kardinya, W.A.
HID Lights
Never had a set of HID lights before and from the first time I turned them on I was amazed at how white/bright the beam was. I had to modify the standard wiring a bit as in Australia the lights must turn off when your high beam goes off. This presented no problem as it still uses the same relay and wires I just added an extra line to the high beam wire to trigger the relay and bought a trick daystar rocker switch to match the air locker switches. Now I have no excuse for not seeing the kangaroos at night, my Jeep is safe:-)
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