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MagnaFlow Toyota Tacoma Cat-Back Single Rear Exit Exhaust System

MagnaFlow Toyota Tacoma Cat-Back Single Rear Exit Exhaust System
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Open up the sound, power, and performance potential of your Toyota Tacoma with a free-flowing exhaust system from MagnaFlow! Deceptivley powerful, the stainless steel 2.5" single-exhaust design runs in to a 3" tip out the rear of the Toyota Tacoma beneath the bumper. Flowing out from a single MagnaFlow muffler, this setup is considerably lighter than the stock setup, and it looks great too.

MagnaFlow has been creating power-packed performance exhaust systems for years. Each system comes with pre-installed hangers and can be installed on your vehicle in your driveway using common tools. No cutting, welding, or fabrication required. MagnaFlow's engineers do all the work for you so the average, back-yard mechanic can have dyno-proven horsepower in about 45 minutes.

The MagnaFlow "Wide Open" Performance Difference:

Stainless-Steel Construction:

The MagnaFlow muffler is encased in a stainless-steel body and also features a stainless-steel perforated core and end caps. This steel reflects heat and resists corrosion better than cold-rolled steel. It also retains the finish longer, adding to the system's long life and clean appearance.

High-Temperature, Acoustic-Absorbing Material:

Packed between the steel mesh and the steel shell is a high-temperature, acoustic-absorbing material. This dense wall of fiber filters out the harsh exhaust vibrations, producing MagnaFlow`s rich, powerful tone. This tone offers a deep bass sound when throttling, remaining quiet while idling and at highway speeds.

Stainless-Steel Protective Mesh:

The core is wrapped with a stainless-steel mesh that warms up quickly and maintains the muffler`s optimal temperature for exhaust movement. The mesh creates a porous barrier that allows sound vibrations to pass freely into the acoustic-absorbing material inside, yet prevents blowout and deterioration of the absorbing material.

Welded Lap Joint Construction:

1/2" overlapped metal-to-metal construction is used on all mufflers. This 1/2" overlap of steel occurs at every joint, creating a stronger surface-to-surface bond than mufflers employing only a rolled edge joint. The lap joint is completed using a smooth, continuous MIG (metal inert gas) weld that seals the system and further strengthens the joint.

Straight-Through Exhaust Flow With No Restrictions:

MagnaFlow’s one-piece perforated stainless-steel core lets exhaust gasses fly right through. You won't find any pressed-in louvers, baffles, or sharp turns causing turbulence here. Nothing gets in the way to slow gasses down. MagnaFlow’s straight-through design improves exhaust flow to increase torque and horsepower.

  • Single-exhaust, rear-exit design
  • Complete stainless-steel construction reflects heat and resists corrosion
  • Includes single-3" polished stainless steel muffler tip
  • Acoustic-absorbing material produces a rich tone
  • Features welded lap joint construction for strength
  • Precision mandrel-bent 2.5" tubing with no kinks, folds, or pinches
  • Simple yet secure installation with pre-installed exhaust hangers
  • Bolt-on installation with no cutting, drilling, or fabrication required
  • Installation time of approximately 45 minutes
  • Includes lifetime warranty

The bottom line? Performance, performance, performance! Need we say more? Add this top-of-the-line exhaust system to your Toyota Tacoma for maximum driving pleasure.

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2 reviews
Josh C
Calgary, AB
Great Exhaust
Great sound on my new exhaust and it adds seat of the pants horsepower for sure. It was easy to install - hardest part was removing the stock exhaust. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great look with even better sound.
patrick q
east hampton, CT
Magnaflow exhaust
This is an awesome product with great sound and it's very easy to install.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
15810, 15811, 16624, 16625