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Magnaflow GMC Sierra 4" Cat-Back Single Exit Exhaust System - Diesel Engines

Magnaflow GMC Sierra 4
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Bottom line—performance, performance, performance! Need we say more? Magnaflow has been creating power-packed performance exhaust systems for years. Each system comes with pre-installed hangers and can be installed on your vehicle in your driveway in about 45 minutes using common tools.

Open up the performance potential of your Duramax Diesel with a Magnaflow performance exhaust system. Utilizing mandrel-bent, 4" stainless steel tubing, a Magnaflow exhaust will not only add horsepower and torque but will last a lifetime, too. Magnaflow offers you a choice of applications to suit any style or budget. Choose from the following options:

All Stainless Steel Construction:

The Magnaflow muffler is encased in an all stainless steel body and features stainless steel end caps and perforated core. This steel reflects heat and resists corrosion better than cold-rolled steel. It also retains the finish longer, adding to Magnaflow`s long life and clean appearance.

High-Temperature Acoustical-Absorbing Material:

Packed between the steel mesh and the steel shell is a high-temperature acoustical-absorbing material. This dense wall of fiber filters out the harsh exhaust vibrations, producing Magnaflow`s rich, powerful performance tone. This tone offers a deep bass sound when throttling while remaining quiet during idle and highway speeds.

Stainless Steel Protective Mesh:

The core is wrapped with stainless steel mesh that warms up quickly and maintains the muffler`s optimal temperature for exhaust movement. The mesh creates a porous barrier, allowing sound vibrations to pass freely into the acoustical-absorbing material inside yet preventing blowout and deterioration of the absorbing material.

All-Welded Lap-Joint Construction:

The 1/2" overlapped metal-to-metal construction is used on all mufflers. This 1/2" overlap of steel occurs at every joint, creating a stronger surface-to-surface bond than mufflers employing only a rolled-edge joint. The lap joint is completed using a smooth, continuous MIG weld that seals the system and further strengthens the joint.

Straight-Through. No Restrictions:

Magnaflow’s 1-pc, perforated, stainless steel core lets exhaust gases fly right through. Nothing gets in the way to slow them down. You won't find any pressed-in louvers causing turbulence here. No louvers. No baffles. No sharp turns. Magnaflow’s straight-through design improves exhaust flow to increase torque and horsepower.

  • Easy to install
  • Adds horsepower and torque
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Dense wall of fiber filters out the harsh exhaust vibrations while producing a rich performance tone
  • Protective mesh allows sound vibrations to pass yet prevents blowout and deterioration of the absorbing material
  • All-welded lap-joint construction creates stronger surface-to-surface bond
  • 1-Pc, perforated stainless steel core removes turbulence

Easy to install and lasts a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and get a Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System today!

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patrick q
east hampton, CT
Magnaflow exhaust
This is an awesome product with great sound and it's very easy to install.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
16930, 16931, 16932, 16933, 16934, 16935, 16940, 16941, 16942, 16944, 16945, 17931, 17933, 17935, 17937, 17941, 17942, 17943, 17945, 17964