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Leathercraft Chevy Silverado Seatskinz Custom Fit Leather Seat Covers

Leathercraft Chevy Silverado Seatskinz Custom Fit Leather Seat Covers
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Completely upgrade the look of your truck's boring or worn out cloth seats with a set of Leathercraft Chevy Silverado Seatskinz Custom-Fit Seat Covers. Made using genuine leather centers, vinyl headrests, and vinyl sides, these custom-fit seat covers have such a tight, perfect fit that once installed, nobody will even know that they're seat covers. Each seat cover is backed with soft memory foam for that extra comfort and double stitched for optimal durability. They are engineered specifically to cover the whole seat, headrests, and armrests and will not interfere with the truck's factory air bags. While available in multiple colors, you are able to choose the finish that best fits the interior of your Silverado. 

Installing the Leathercraft seat covers is easy and offers an economical way to re-upholster your interior. Just slide the seat cover over your factory seat, pull the retaining flap through the seat and secure to the back strap. No special tools required for a fast and easy installation process. Leathercraft offers its custom-fit seat covers in a black, gray, or tan color schemes to give you the extra customization you want.
  • Specifically designed to fit each seat pattern
  • Made from leather and vinyl materials 
  • Consists of front and rear seat covers
  • Includes covers for headrests, armrests, and center consoles
  • Designed with memory foam backing and double stitching
  • Will not interfere with factory air bags
  • No tools needed for the simple installation 
  • Designed for cloth seats only
  • Offered in black, gray, light gray, and tan colors
  • Limited three year manufacturer warranty
There is no better way to protect your Silverado's seats than with a set of Leathercraft Seatskinz Custom-Fit Seat Covers. The luxury and durability of leather combined with the comfort of memory foam make a great combination without the exorbitant price tag. Add this great accessory to your truck and lean back and relax on your next road trip.

Comes with covers for all headrest, armrest, and center consoles where applicable.
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13 reviews
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Charlene C
Anchorage, AK
Leathercraft covers
Getting the seat covers on the truck takes a lot of time since they're fitted. That's probably the only downside. The directions for getting the seat covers on are pretty sub-standard. The seats themselves look very quality. People don't notice I have seat covers on unless I mention it.
Jonah K
Conroe, TX
An Excellent Buy
So I read some good reviews and decided to purchase these for my truck. I mean it was a really good deal for real leather! When I got them I was not disappointed! They were even nicer than I expected and after I got them installed it looked like I had factory leather. Everybody just assumes that I have a leather interior! The have all the pieces for all the consoles and headrests and even the pull down cupholder in backseat. The leather tucks behind the plastic trim in all the right spots and it just looks awsome. Dont be surprised at the time it takes for installation. About three to four hours by yourself if you take your time and do it right. They don't go on easy like universal fit cheap versions. These are truly custom tailored to your vehicle. The back seats were the hardest because you can't get behind them. I recomend taking them out and installing covers then putting them back in. Despite the difficult installation these things are deffinitely worth it! I love my new leather interior and I feel like I got an awesome deal.
Russell L
West Chester, OH
Seatskinz Custom Fit Leather Seat Covers
It took my son and I about an hour to install them. What a perfect fit. They look great and feel great too. The interior of my truck is about 5 different shades of gray so I ordered gray...They are a nice alternative to leather. I am pleased.
Gainesville, VA
Leathercraft Seatskins
After reading all positive reviews on a lot of sites I decided to order these seat covers for my truck. And man I am glad I did! They look really sharp and professional. My previous truck had leather seats. The truck I just got came with cloth. The seat covers took maybe an 1 1/2 hours to install and i did it on a day that was 20 degrees outside. The headrests were the most difficult to install the covers on. The covers fit really snug. I took them inside to install the covers. The seat covers were very snug too but you can do them by yourself. Looks like a factory job when its done. I am very pleased with the fit and finish. Granted time will tell how the quality of the covers hold up. But I can tell you the stitching is of high quality in order to hold up to the force required to install them.
Steven F
Durham, KS
I was very pleased with the covers the moment I opened the box. Installation was pretty basic. I just installed them in my truck so time will tell how they hold up but for now they look great! Would not hesitate a second to recommend them to anyone considering purchasing them.

Nice Seat covers
...seats look great installed. They look as close to factory as possible with a cover and are a definite improvement over the cloth. Installation kinda tough but worth the effort. The customer service received was good and the product is better than I thought it would be...
Dallas, TX
I ordered these leather seat covers and they arrived in 2 days! I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at how fast the package arrived! It came with a booklet of instructions with pictures. The instructions were clear thorough and were printed in color. It also came with a diagram that indicated exactly where each piece should be placed so there was no confusion about where each piece should be installed. The seat covers fit so perfect that you can't tell that they are seat covers. The quality of the leather is really nice, thick, and seems very durable. My husband and I installed them on our own. There was no need to hire a professional. Normally I am very difficult to please when it comes to auto accessories but I am completely blown away at the price quality and easy installation of these seat covers!
Don Benedict
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Leathercraft Sierra GMC Seat Covers
It took me a good 5.5 hours to install all the covers. Because of all the pulling on the leather it is very hard on your finger muscles.The headrests are vinyl, the sides of all covers are vinyl, and only the center areas of the covers are leather. But the vinyl looks and feels like real leather. It looks real professional when all done. The back seats were the hardest to do, especially the center fold down drink tray. I am sure the covers will last the lifetime of the truck now. The order got way up to Grand Portage MN in just three days. It was packed well and in excellent condition on arrival. Very impressed with the product. Pick a nice sunny warm day to install. I chose a day that was a bit cooler - brrrrrr. Between the two front bucket seats I had no fold down mini seat. So I gave those mini seat covers to my friend who had a newer model Sierra GMC.

Do Not Hesitate to Purchase!
Bought these after reading reviews from many different sites for my 2016 F150. Install was not as bad as some reviews claim. Installed alone in 3 hours. They look GREAT! I was expecting them to be a real pain to put on since they are snug but nothing just a little elbow grease won't handle. Turning the seat backs and back bench pieces halfway inside out will help tremendously. These are leather centers with vinyl sides. I can't tell them apart and the centers do smell like leather. Made my XLT interior much more luxurious! After one seat I just tossed the directions they are the only bad thing about them.
Omaha, Nebraska
Leathercraft Seat Covers
Seatskinz look great. Not to hard to install especially after watching youtube installation video. Heated seats still warm through covers just not as fast. Seats feel fuller with covers. Not sure if I can detect any leather but they look really nice and I believe are a good price. Just installed this evening so can't vouch for durability. Quality seems very good. Stitching and fit are impressive. Bought black and color matches with my interior. Pleasantly surprised with this purchase.
Jake Hodges
Coral Gables, FL
Major And Affordable Upgrade to Cloth Interior!
Looks amazing & very high quality. Install was easy just a little time consuming but way worth it. Took me about 2 hours for front and rear seats. The back seats took a bit more elbow grease. Instructions are very clear and the video helped as well. Changes my XLT cloth seats and makes it look like factory fit leather seats. My interior looks like a lariat now! I compared these covers to my Dad's platinum 2016 F-150 leather seats, I have a 2016 XLT F-150 and they look the exact same just minus the Ford badging. I am absolutely in love with these covers. And I paid for 2 day shipping and it was shipped fast and arrived fast.

Looks Like True Leather Not A Seat Cover
Took me about 5-6 hours to install the covers on my 14 Silverado Crew Cab. I had to remove the back seat because I could see no realistic way to get the rear covers installed with the seat bolted in place. The end result looks fantastic. You would never know these are covers. Everything slips and tucks into the right places. The only fitting issues I have are with the front center console and rear cup holder console. I fought with both of these for quite a while. I never really got the rear to look perfect but it looks pretty darn good. I had to take the front console apart to get everything tucked into place. Overall I am very pleased with the look feel and fitting of this kit. Legitimately looks like factory leather.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
GMC7500BK, GMC7500GR, GMC7500TN, GMC7501GR, GMC7501TN, GMC7502BK, GMC7502GR, GMC7502TN, GMC7503GR, GMC7503TN, GMC7504BK, GMC7504GR, GMC7504TN, GMC7505TN, GMC7506BK, GMC7506GR, GMC7506TN, GMC7507BK, GMC7507GR, GMC7507TN, GMC7510BK, GMC7511BK, GMC7511LG, GMC7511TN, GMC7513LG, GMC7513TN, GMC7514BK, GMC7514LG, GMC7514TN,