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K&N Chevy Silverado 77-Series Air Intake System

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The K&N Chevy Silverado 77-Series Air Intake Systems combine outstanding performance and under-the-hood style. Each kit comes with an over-sized, high-flow conical air filter designed to provide increased surface area and dust capacity. This extra surface area provides even more airflow at lower restriction than a standard K&N OE replacement filter that is limited to the size of the factory air-box. 

The over-sized air filter also captures more dirt, increasing the service life before each cleaning is required. Most 77-Series kits include a heat shield designed to seal against your truck's hood to isolate the air intake from engine heat. Cooling the air that travels into the engine can increase horsepower all by itself. K&N metal intake kits use adapters made from high-strength materials such as silicone and reinforced nylon to ensure long life. Constructed with three intake tube finishes: black powder coat, bright aluminum, and polished stainless steel, and are available on select models.

  • Improves throttle response
  • High-flow conical air filter
  • Extra surface area provides even more airflow
  • Over-sized air filter captures more dirt
  • Increases the service life before each cleaning
  • Massive power gains
  • Bolt on installation
  • Reusable cone filter
  • Million mile warranty

Bring the performance of your Silverado upscale with the K&N Air Intake System. Not only will you have an increase in horsepower, you will go much longer before needing to service your air filter. If you want a durable, long-lasting air intake kit that will do the job you expect it to, K&N is an excellent choice. 

Note: Horsepower gains based on similar vehicle dynamometer test. Results will vary.

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13 reviews
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Midhurst Roofing M
Midhurst, ON
K&N Cold Air Intake
This is a great system that's easy to install. It looks great and the difference in performance from stock was notice immedately.
Josh C
Calgary, AB
Great product
It sounds great and looks good. I love it.

Just what I wanted
This is a great item. It's just what I wanted, It adds horsepower and every time I drive I can feel it getting stronger. This item is a must have. I give it five stars.
Jeremy S
West Fargo, ND
K&N Air Intake
The air intake works great. My truck is more snappy and sounds great.
kenneth b
mc david , FL
Freaking awsome
This took less than hour to install. It's a great product. My wife though I installed a turbo. Lol! This is a great product and I would advised anyone looking for horse power to buy this product... It sounds great!
travis p
gladwin, MI
K&N air intake
Horse power is sweet! The added sound SCREEMS Awesome!!!! I mean you can actually hear the power increase.
Iain D
Newton, MA
Great Product
This air intake is awesome. Installed it in about 90 minutes by myself. It makes my Silverado louder and picks up off the line much faster...
Richard S
Pittsburgh, PA
K&N Air Intake System
This system was pretty easy to install. There were just a few minor problems. Directions said about 90 minutes and they were right. Felt the increase power and the sound was great. Also, it looks great. I wish there was a way to fill in the empty spot that the old one left behind. I'm just nick picking. This is a great product at a really great price.
Joseph M
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Instant POWER!!!
Easy install nice power increase in 2nd and 3rd gear between 4 and 5k rpms. Sounds monster!
Shane W
Cold air intake
This intake was easy to install. I am happy with this item.
Aaron S
Calgary, AB
K&N cold air intake
The product itself was great...
Laythen D
K&N 77-Series Air Intake System
AutoTruckToys is one the best companies I have ever dealt with. K&N Chevy Silverado 77-Series Air Intake System all I can say is I love it and all parts 5 stars. It fit real well. I thank you and everyone at AutoTruckToys.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
77-3021KP, 77-3023KP, 77-3031KP, 77-3034KP, 77-3047KP, 77-3050KP, 77-3058KP, 77-3070KP, 77-3076KTK, 77-3077KP, 77-3082KP, 77-3085KP, 77-3086KTK, 77-3087KP, RC-5046DK, RC-5046DL, RC-5046DR, RC-5046DY, RC-5112DK, RC-5139DK, RF-1041DK, RF-1041DL, RF-1041DR, RF-1041DY, RF-1042DK, RF-1042DL, RF-1042DR, RF-1042DY