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Jet Performance Jeep Liberty Chip

Jet Performance Jeep Liberty Chip
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Quickly add more horsepower to your vehicle with this Performance Chip Module from Jet Performance Products. The Jet Chip Module for the Jeep Liberty is a Jet exclusive. Using technology similar to the Jet PCM, the Jet Chip Module provides the ultimate in power tuning. Point-by-point air/fuel, ignition advance, transmission, and various other tuning points provide performance gains. The chip installs quickly and easily.

All Jet Performance Chips and most Performance Modules meet all 50 states' emissions standards. They do not change the emissions at all from the stock tuning chip for any federal or local emissions test. Jet Performance optimizes the spark and fuel curves over the entire rpm band from just off idle right up to the red line for maximum power and performance from the best gasoline.

  • Meets state emissions standards
  • Maximizes power and performance
  • Optimizes spark and fuel curves
  • Easy installation
  • Choose between Stage 1 and Stage 2 tuning
What's the difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Power Tuning?
Stage 1 Tuning is designed for the stock engine with very little modification. It requires the use of 89 or higher octane fuel for best results. The Stage 1 tuning will work in conjunction with other modifications to increase performance (intake upgrades, exhaust upgrades, etc.)

Stage 2 Tuning is designed for the performance enthusiast. Premium fuel is required to extract the maximum benefit from the new tuning. Other modifications, including less restrictive exhaust, modified air intake, and 180-degree thermostat, are recommended prior to using the Stage 2.

Get the ultimate horsepower and performance from the Jet Performance Chip Module for your Jeep Liberty. The easy installation takes just minutes to bring out the best from your vehicle.

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1 reviews
Gary L
Phoenix, AZ
Jet Performamce Chip
Installation was so easy. I see immediate results. More torque and truck holds 4th gear a lot longer on hills. So far I haven't noticed any improvement in fuel mileage.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
90016, 90016S, 90018, 90018S, 90411, 90411S, 90701, 90701S