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JET Performance Chrysler Aspen Low Temp Thermostat

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The ideal way to keep your Aspen running at optimum temperatures for maximum driving performance. A cooler engine lasts longer and runs better. Remember, heat is the enemy. This product is designed to open at lower temperatures than the factory stock thermostat, letting in colder coolant sooner to keep your engine running at its best. With the JET Low Temp Stat you get consistent engine cooling and increased horsepower by reducing engine temperature and a precise metering of water throughout the engine. Constructed of stainless steel, the JET Thermostat also offers a lifetime warranty.

  • Keeps Your Engine Running at Optimum Engine Temperatures
  •  Helps to Optimize Horsepower and Extend Engine Life 
  • Compliments Other Performance Upgrades, Such as Intakes, Chips and Throttle Body Spacers
  • Constructed from Stainless Steel
  • Backed by JET's Lifetime Warranty

Must have for those heavy footed drivers or those who live in extremely hot climates. Cut back on unnecessary heat with this great product form JET Performance.

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3 reviews
J Avery
Enterprise, Alabama
180 Degree Thermostat
One of the best bolt on mods I've ever done. Immediately noticed a cooler engine and better performance. No more lag when its hot outside. Engine oil barely reaches 200 degrees which on the new Hemi its usually around 220. Coolant temp never goes above 190 even on 95 degree days in city driving in southeast Alabama. No reprogramming of anything since 2013 Hemi is a clutch fan. Highly recommend it if you have a late model Hemi.
josef g
enterprise, AL
Jet Performance Low Temp Thermostat
Over all easy and straightforward to install. Just tough getting down there to do the work. I noted that my truck usually ran about 205-208 degrees before the install and after the install I only drove it to work once but ran between 194-197 degrees.
Jim Seward
Frankfort, Indiana
Jet 180 degree thermostat is the best
Easy to install. I had 203 degree thermostat. After changing big notice in temperature about 20 degrees cooler and better performance. My truck runs 185 degrees to 190 degrees thank you Jet performance products.
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