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JET Hummer H2 Performance Chip Module

JET Hummer H2 Performance Chip Module
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Quickly add up to 22 more horsepower at the wheels with this Performance Module from JET Performance Products. The JET Module for the Hummer H2 is a JET exclusive. Using technology similar to our PCM, the JET module provides the ultimate in power tuning. Point by point air/fuel, ignition advance, transmission and various other tuning points provide performance gains of up to 22 hp. Installs quickly and easily in less than 10 minutes.

Will JET Performance tuning void my warranty?
No. Federal law prohibits a dealer from voiding your warranty just because you are using aftermarket speed equipment, with only two exceptions: the warranty can be voided if the aftermarket part causes damage or adversely affects the emissions or the emissions system.

Are JET Performance Chips emissions legal?
Yes. All JET Performance Chips and most Performance Modules are 50 state emissions legal. They do not change the emissions at all from the stock tuning chip for any Federal or local emissions test. C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) has issued Executive Order numbers D-234 through D-234-6 covering all JET Performance Power Chips, making JET Performance chips the most complete line of high-performance chips that can legally be sold, installed, and driven in the state of California. Because of C.A.R.B.'s very rigid rules concerning exhaust emissions, the Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) accepts C.A.R.B. approval as evidence that an aftermarket part is clean and suitable for use in all other states.

What's the difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Power Tuning?
Stage 1 Tuning is designed for the stock engine with very little modification. It requires the use of 89 or higher octane fuel for best results. The Stage 1 tuning will work in conjunction with other modifications to increase performance (intake upgrades, exhaust upgrades, etc.)

Stage 2 Tuning is designed for the performance enthusiast. Premium fuel is required in order to extract the maximum benefit from the new tuning. Other modifications including less restrictive exhaust, modified aid intake, and 180 degree thermostat are recommended prior to using the Stage 2. Although a new thermostat is recommended its not necessary, unless you live in a warm climate area.

If JET Performance Power Tuning is so great, why didn't the factories do it that way?
The factory program is designed for the average driver and is set to take a wide variety of operating conditions and driving styles into consideration. Consequently, stock calibrations aren't set to provide maximum power because they have to accommodate drivers who may use poor quality gasoline. For a real hi-performance person, premium is all they put in their vehicle. At JET Performance, we optimize the spark and fuel curves over the entire RPM band from just off idle right up to the redline for maximum power and performance from the best gasoline.

Will Power Tuning hurt my engine in any way?
No. Best power is always made when air/fuel ratio and the spark tuning has been optimized for maximum power, meaning maximum "push" on the piston during each power stroke. Damage occurs if the air/fuel mixture is too lean, meaning that there is not enough fuel for the amount of air in the cylinder. This results in excess super heated air, which can cause burning of valves and pistons and will also induce detonation (which can break pistons, etc.) Relative to spark timing, too much "advance" will cause detonation, which reduces power and can also damage parts exactly as a lean mixture does. When you finish installing JET Performance on your vehicle, your engine will run at maximum efficiency yet safely distanced from possible damage due to leanness or excessive spark advance.

How will JET Performance Power Tuning affect my gas mileage?
JET Performance Power Tuning does not alter your vehicles calibrations in any way that would hurt fuel economy. Fuel economy will remain virtually the same or may even improve (depending upon specific driving patterns) unless the vehicle is driven in a spirited manner (lead foot). For trucks that tow, JET Performance's Power Tuning is generally closer to the better fuel economy than the stock tuning. So in addition to power gains, a vehicle that tows with JET Performance installed will often exhibit better mileage than one with stock tuning.

Does JET Performance remove the speed and rev limiters?
No, the JET Performance Chip is designed to upgrade the fuel and timing of your vehicle. Thus, creating more torque and horsepower.

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1 reviews
Gary L
Phoenix, AZ
Jet Performamce Chip
Installation was so easy. I see immediate results. More torque and truck holds 4th gear a lot longer on hills. So far I haven't noticed any improvement in fuel mileage.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
20314, 20314S, 20710, 20710S, 20814, 20814S