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IPCW Chevy Silverado Projector Headlights

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When it comes to outfitting a Silverado truck Chevy lovers everywhere demand perfection, as they should. IPCW is the perfect brand to take help take your truck to levels of style and appeal you never imagined. The IPCW Chevy Silverado Projector Headlights are a perfect example of what happens when a company perfectly blends style with function and durability. By consistently offering headlight and taillight options that exceed the quality offered up elsewhere, IPCW passionately stands behind its motto of "Light the way for the rest to follow.". Boasting some of the highest production standards seen on the market today, the IPCW Projector Headlights are available with either a chrome-plated or black housing to give your Chevy Silverado truck the perfect look you have been looking for.

Each Project Headlight set has been custom-made for an OE-style fit and installation can be completed in the comfort of your very own driveway. Simply remove your old, busted, and dated headlights and replace with the amazingly stylish and flawlessly engineered IPCW Chevy Silverado Projector Headlights. Weather-sealed and DOT approved you can rest easy knowing you and your Silverado truck can tackle any weather conditions thrown your way without ever having to deal with any unnecessary blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror.
  • Gives your Chevy Silverado a boost in style and appeal
  • Boasts some of the most innovative lighting technology available
  • Projector-style lighting provides a tighter and brighter beam
  • Weather-sealed to provide unnecessary interior moisture
  • DOT-approved and street legal
  • Manufactured with the highest-quality of production standards
  • Available with a chrome-plated or black finish
  • Sold as a 2-pc set for driver and passenger side headlights
With a simple installation process and attractive price point, it is easy to see why Chevy owners everywhere are raving over the IPCW Projector Headlights. A Chevy Silverado truck looks amazing straight from the factory but a new set of headlights can be exactly what your ride needs to quickly push it over the top. Give your Silverado that boost in appearance it deserves with a set of IPCW Chevy Silverado Projector Headlights.
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1 reviews
Donna S
Jasper, TX
IPCW Projector Headlights - Black
They are nice looking lights but when driving at night with the low beam lights on its hard to see the road. I dont know if this is due to the black housing finish or not. On the other hand the high beams seem to be A-OK.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
IWB-337B, IWB-337C, IWC-CE14, IWC-CE16-A, IWS-3039B2, IWS-3040B2, IWS-3040C2, IWS-337B2, IWS-337C2