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Gale Banks Engineering Chevy Silverado Ram-Air Intake System

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It's all about airflow. That's been the unofficial slogan at Gale Banks Engineering since day one. The more air you flow through your engine, the more oxygen that is available for burning fuel. This means greater, more efficient combustion, and more power. Removing airflow restrictions allows for more oxygen to reach your engine. The colder air is denser and more oxygen-rich. The stock system is highly restrictive; the cramped outlet has tight bends, the filter design is inefficient with minimal filtering area, and the air that it does draw in is warmer and less dense. The Gale Banks Engineering Ram-Air Intake System is "clean-sheet" engineered to minimize restriction, maximize flow and filter area, and draw cooler, denser air from outside the engine compartment.

The Gale Banks Engineering Chevy Silverado Ram-Air Intake System's large lifetime air filter requires fewer cleanings than competitive filters. With its giant outlet, streamlined components, and enclosed cold-air box, this system keeps hot engine air out of the intake. The ram-air flows up to 66% better than stock systems. In addition to greater power, you'll enjoy improved fuel economy, lower exhaust gas temps, and reduced black smoke. Also, Gale Banks Engineering’s unique 5" bellows accommodates engine movement, which prevents component damage and prolongs service life. This Gale Banks Engineering Chevy Silverado Ram-Air Intake is backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Delivers exceptional airflow and air density
  • Unrivaled performance gains
  • Large cotton gauze air filter requires less cleaning than normal
  • Enclosed cold-air box keeps hot air out of the intake
  • Ram-Air flows up to 66% better than stock intake systems
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Lowers exhaust temps
  • 5" Bellows accommodates engine movement
  • Larger bellows provide extremely enhanced protection
  • Backed by a Gale Banks Engineering 5-year warranty
The Gale Banks Engineering Chevy Silverado Ram-Air Intake system has been engineered for long lasting performance, tough-as-nails durability, and factory reliability. Since it is the most durable and reliable cold-air intake system on the market, this ram-air intake system will surely out-live your Chevy Silverado. Be sure to get your hands on a Gale Banks Engineering Chevy Silverado Ram-Air Intake System and give your truck the performance boost it desperately needs and deserves.
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6 reviews
Brian S
Amarillo, TX
Intake System
I installed this about two months ago on my 4.8L. I have noticed a slight improvement in MPG and just a better sound overall. The biggest difference is when I am in the Mountains about 8000 ft that I can tell the bigger difference. This was a little more pricey than the K&N and other models but it is something different than anyone else and it is a Gale Banks product!!!
john p
narrowsburg, NY
john postrion
I wasn't very pleased with the power of my new Jeep until I installed a banks intake. What a difference there is with the increased power and growl the V-6 makes. No mileage changes to report yet.
Tyler F
Warman, SK
Ram-Air Intake System
If you're shopping around for an intake kit for your truck, stop. I did the research for you. This product is as good as it gets. I strongly suggest that if you're going the cheap route, don't. Just save your money until you can afford the Gale Banks ram air, it is well worth it. I noticed huge power gains and immediately noticed better mileage. Not that I care, I bought this for the performance and the sound. And I am extremely happy with my purchase.
James S
Menifee, CA
Banks RAM Cold Air Intake
Awesome intake! I do a lot of driving and I notice a significant change in mileage! Very happy with the product and very happy with the service here at AutoTruckToys!
Brian B
West Jefferson, OH
Ram-Air Intake
Absolutely amazing fitment and quality. Would definitely recommend over other intakes I've bought in the past. Thank you!
Andrew C
Tomah, WI
Gale Banks Engineering Aircleaner system
This system is awesome! My truck sounds great and I noticed an increase in horsepower after adding this system. I'm very impressed by how easy it was to install.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
41800, 41802, 41850, 42132, 42135, 42142, 42172, 42220, 42230, 42248