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Gale Banks Engineering Chevy Silverado Economind Tuner with Banks IQ Performance Monitor

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Are you tired of dealing with old fashioned style power programmers that take all day to load and unload settings just so you can access the correct power levels you need? Whether you're hauling a load, increasing fuel economy, or just looking to shred the asphalt, Gale Banks Engineering Chevy Silverado Economind Tuner with Banks IQ Monitors will give you complete control.

The EconoMind power tuner allows you to achieve a more fuel efficient diesel engine and then still giving you the ability to install some sheer power all within a reach of your hand. Each EconoMind is specifically designed to utilize maximum efficiency while under continuous stressful tow-loads. By increasing where other companies fail to meet is where the EconoMind starts to shine. By going beyond what other companies would call a waste of time is where Gale Banks has discovered better efficiency. When you reconfigure the engine and powertrain the sky is the limit.

The Gale Banks IQ monitor acts as your own personal butler while driving, whether it is from controlling your trucks parameters, Music, or scrolling thru pictures the IQ monitor is by-far the most highly advanced touch screen out on the market today. The 5'' color touch-screen allows for a crisp picture quality of up to six different gauges all at once. Each IQ monitor comes with an on-board diagnostic scanning tool to help solve vehicle issues, and controls your EconoMind within a matter of minutes.
  • 2 Calibrations to choose from with gains of up to 100 hp and 235 lb-ft at the rear wheels
  • 5” Screen for configuration of settings
  • Tow mode for superior pulling power 
  • Increases fuel economy 
  • Plays mp3’s and pictures
  • Portable monitor
  • Includes diagnostic code reader
  • Simple plug-and-play design
  • Includes step-by-step installation instructions
When it comes to high power performance for diesel engines Gale Banks Engineering has revolutionized the car industry with style and sophistication. With the Gale Banks Engineering Chevy Silverado Economind Tuner with Banks IQ Monitor you will have extreme power within arm’s reach at all times.
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Manufacturer Part Number(s):
63727, 63728, 63737, 63738, 63857, 63858, 63897, 63898