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Edge Products Chevy Silverado Juice With Attitude CS2 Performance Programmer

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One of the most advanced and capable programmer packages on the market, the Edge Products Chevy Silverado Juice With Attitude CS2 Performance Programmer features four different tuning methods that can be applied on-the-fly, without the need to shut the vehicle down or restart the engine. On top of the performance enhancing aspects, the Attitude also delivers an array of monitors that keep you informed of the health, performance, and overall state of your truck. The Attitude CS2 installs onto the windshield of your vehicle using the included suction mounting device, and features a button controlled, 2.4" high-resolution display with auto-dimming capability. The Juice module is installed in the engine bay, linking into your factory wiring and engine management system. The Juice relays and processes data between the Attitude and the engine. Includes detailed installation instructions and user guide.

Beyond the performance tuning abilities this package offers, you also get an array of other features. Performance testing, mileage coach, notification center, OBDII code troubleshooting, and speedometer adjustment for larger wheels and tires. You can customize and adjust multiple different screen layouts, picking the gauge monitors you want to see, and adjust colors and background layouts as well. Monitoring abilities are vast, and include variables like turbo boost pressure, engine load, transmission and engine coolant temperatures, vehicle speed, and more.
  • Attitude CS2 in-cabin interface and Juice underhood module
  • Four different tuning modes
  • Allows changing of tuning without turning off vehicle
  • Monitors and reports vehicle data
  • 2.4" full color, high-resolution screen
  • Button controlled interface
  • Custom screen layouts and color mixer
  • Load personal background images
  • Performance logging, maintenance reports, notification center
  • Adjust speedometer for larger wheels/tires
  • Dials back tuning automatically to prevent damage
  • Made in America
  • Internet updateable
The Edge Products Chevy Silverado Juice With Attitude CS2 Performance Programmer offers a wealth of information and tuning possibilities. Keep your Silverado running its best, always stay on top of what your truck is doing. When you find yourself in need of a little more power, just activate one of the built-in performance tunes, without even having to shut the truck off.
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Manufacturer Part Number(s):
21400, 21401, 21402, 21403, 28500, 28501, 28502, 98004