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Edge Products Chevy Silverado Evolution CTS2 Performance Programmer

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The Chevy Silverado Evolution CTS2 Performance Programmer is a complete revision from the CTS. Boasting a higher resolution, 5-inch swipe screen, a redesigned slimmer case design, multiple gauge screen layouts, and customizable gauges and backgrounds. Revamped to provide an easier to use, "one-touch" menu interface, the Evolution CTS2 offers better user control, monitoring, and visibility, giving you the tools to increase your truck's horsepower and torque safely, quickly, and efficiently.

The Evolution CTS2 features a host of performance tuning capabilities and monitoring. Preset tuning modes allow performance tweaking for economy, towing, and performance. Other features include OBDII diagnostics, data logging, and peak record keeping functions, as well as a mileage coach menu and a customizable maintenance manager menu. You can setup different screens to give you the feedback you want, as well as change backgrounds, menu colors, and gauge colors using the color mixer screen. The Evolution CTS2 works with EAS systems for further expandability, capable of supporting turbo timers, temperature sensors, EGT probes, and more.
  • Slim, modern case design
  • 5" High-resolution, full color swipe screen
  • Performance, towing, & economy tuning modes
  • One-touch menu navigation
  • Adjusts rev & speed limiter, shift firmness, fan temps, and more
  • Speedometer adjustments for larger wheels and tires
  • Multiple screen layouts and gauge clusters
  • Database logging, maintenance menu, and notification center
  • Color mixer for gauges and backgrounds
  • Custom background options
  • Light sensitive auto screen dimming
  • Interfaces with factory OBDII system
  • Works with Edge EAS accessories
  • Internet updateable
  • Made in America
Engineered to be one of the most comprehensive, user friendly, and powerful performance tuners available, the Evolution CTS2 will take your Silverado's power output to the next level. Simple controls combined with the ability to customize menu layouts and colors give you the layout you want. Whether its for towing, simple straight line quickness, or better economy and maintenance, this programmer is one awesome upgrade.
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1 reviews
arkansas, arkansas
Purchased this mainly for the eco setting. In the city I did not really tell a difference. Until I put this on the interstate I definitely noticed. The Program on ECO mode allowed me to get an extra 100 miles on my truck per tank. Also noticed the RPM running about 500 RPM lower than normal than what it would be running at the same MPH. Very pleased with the outcome.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
28500, 28501, 28502, 85401, 85450, 98004, 98202