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E3 Chevy Camaro Spark Plugs

E3 Chevy Camaro Spark Plugs
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The E3 Spark Plug is proven to give dramatic results—increased horsepower, extended engine life, and improved fuel economy. E3 has a patented DiamondFIRE technology proven to be the most powerful way to ignite the air/fuel mixture for the most efficient combustion and longest performance life. Until now, spark plug technology hasn't changed much from the original 1903 patent for the flat "J-Wire" electrode that you see on most plugs. E3 has vastly improved that design.

E3 Spark Plugs increase engine power up to 12%. Thanks in part to the DiamondFIRE design, E3 Spark Plugs provide your engine with a more thorough, complete combustion, which results in better fuel economy and reduces fuel consumption up to 13%. This is an investment that will pay for itself!

Because of the cleaner, more thorough combustion, harmful toxic emissions resulting from unused and unburned fuel are reduced by as much 58%. E3 Spark Plugs reduce carbon deposits and material degradation inside your engine, extending engine life and promoting like-new performance. All E3 Spark Plugs are warranted against fouling, wear, and defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years or 100,000 miles.
  • Patented DiamondFIRE Technology
  • Increases real engine power up to 12%
  • Provides a more complete and thorough combustion
  • Fuel consumption reduced up to 13%
  • Harmful toxic emissions reduced up to 58%
  • Reduced carbon deposits and material degradation promotes engine life
  • Covered by a 5-year/100,000-mile manufacturer warranty against fouling, wear, and defects
  • Sold individually
Get the most from your vehicle with the best spark plugs on the market. E3 is the proven leader in spark plug power and performance.

Note: Spark plugs are sold individually.

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7 reviews
Raymond D
Philadelphia, PA
E3 Spark Plugs
At first I did not know if they would work. I had to learn how to but them in since I had electronic ignition. After removing the head of the ignition and the 7 inch tube that was attached I used a long extension with a racket and removed them. It seemed like a great amount of money for spark plugs but it was well worth it after I put them in. With the big engine I have now it purrrrs like a kitten. Before my truck was kind of missing and not sounding to good especially after never replacing them since I bought the truck. Also I now have great acceleration when I take off. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I love this product. Ray D 2005 Nissan Titan LE 5.6L V8
kevin p
Manteca, CA
E3 Spark plugs
More horsepower for my HHR. Happy with product.
john m
Chino, CA
E3 Spark Plugs
It has helped with the acceleration as well as the gas mileage glad I bought it.
Russell I
Pakenham, Victoria
Solid Technology
Great plugs. You can feel the difference a soon as they are fitted. Better vehicle responsiveness and improved fuel consumption. Got better than the advertised 100000 miles too.
Greg P
Newark, DE
Spark Plugs E3
Excellent has more pick up and go doesn't feel sluggish.
sonia g
hiram, GA
The E3 Jeep Liberty Spark Plugs are GREAT! My Jeep Liberty runs excellent the performance is much faster it rides good. I do see the difference. I would recommend these Spark Plug for any Vehicle.
Richard M
Walden, NY
Spark Plugs
Service was great. Easy buying process and received items very quickly.
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54, 74