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Bully Dog Dodge Ram Triple Dog GT Performance Tuner

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Do you want to increase your Dodge Ram's horsepower while improving utility and fuel economy? Bully Dog has designed an outstanding device that will equip your truck with these key features and more. This is an accessory that is multi-functional; providing you with an engine tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device all while on the go. The Triple Dog GT is incomparable to other performance tuners because it has the largest feature set and most progressive range of vehicle applications.

The GT includes a state-of-the-art Driving Coach feature that will show you exactly how to maximize your Ram's fuel mileage. In today's irregular oil price background this program can be the information key that can save you money at the fuel pump. In addition to saving you money on fuel, the GT also features four different on-the-fly power settings: Stock, Tow, Performance, and Extreme. Each setting will equip your truck with power in the exact the form that's needed, with the maximum being over 100 additional horsepower - all at the push of a button; it's that easy.

Bully Dog also offers free software for your PC that allows users to track their vehicle's performance records and progress which can be found at the manufacturers website. This testing will provide users with the ability to execute a test based upon when the vehicle begins rolling or even on a custom designed drag racing tree that is displayed right on the GT's screen. Users can display and record six different performance based tests, including the vehicle's 0-60 mph measurement.
  • Tow, performance, and extreme tuning levels
  • Exclusive Driving Coach feature
  • Monitors 19 different vehicle parameters
  • Bully Dog supported Performance Testing PC software available
  • Simulated drag strip tree for optimal testing performance
  • Custom programmable day and night driving modes
  • Super easy installation 
  • Optional pillar pod available
A great aspect of the GT is its simple installation process. This tuner can be completely installed in under 30 minutes. All kits include the Triple Dog GT Tuner, windshield suction arm, instruction catalog, USB cable, micro SD card, ignition switch connector, and a plug to connect the tuner to your vehicles computer. For your convenience we have a PDF version of the instructions located on this page if you would like to see the process prior to purchase.

Equip your Dodge Ram with a performance tuner that was designed with not only the truck in mind but the user as well. Bully Dog created the Triple Dog GT to help improve the overall execution of the truck's engine while providing you with valuable knowledge that can help you save money at the pump. When it comes to better fuel economy and a lower carbon output the GT has all the great qualities that make this a great addition for your Dodge truck.
Bully Dog Accessories and Parts
2 reviews

Great Buy
This is a great buy! Easy to install and makes a great difference in performance mode. Can also monitor gas millage! I recommend this to everyone!
Lonnie T
Demotte, IN
Bully Dog tuner Ram 2500 Hemi
Everything came packaged great at a great price. Shipping was fast and install was easy. I am still playing with and figuring out all the toys this tunner has on it.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
30420, 30600, 31600, 32303, 32304, 32307, 32308, 40010, 40410, 40417, 40420, 40420KIT1