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Bully Dog Dodge Magnum Triple Dog GT Gauge / Tuner

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Would you like to change the way you experience driving in your Dodge Magnum? Bully Dog has designed and created the Triple Dog GT Tuner, a product that could change how you drive all together. This unique gauge / tuner has multiple functions, like an engine tuner, monitor, gauge, and a diagnostic reader. This product will enable you to know exactly how you car in functioning at all times. The GT stands out from other competitors programmers with its extremely large feature set and wide range of vehicle applications. This is only the basics of what this tuner can do for you and your Magnum.

Bully Dog provides each user with free performance software that can be downloaded to your personal computer. This testing software enables you to see your speed, rpm, horsepower, and torque first hand on your computer screen in a graph format. You can also output raw data in excel, print racing time slips, and save each test while keeping up to 20 at a time. This is a feature that is designed to improve your overall driving experience as a whole with high-quality engine tuning.

Fuel economy is one of the biggest concerns of drivers when purchasing a vehicle or when watching fuel prices sky rocket from fluctuating oil costs. This reason alone is worth purchasing the GT because of its economy feature, the driving coach. The coaching program helps all users see their wasted energy and fuel efficiency right on the screen of their GT. This feature will also provide them with instant feedback on how they are driving, alerting them of bad driving habits. This can be a great way to learn how to drive conservatively and how you can change your carbon output.

  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reads and erases diagnostic trouble codes
  • Provides vehicle safety alerts
  • Displays 19 vehicle parameters
  • Free vehicle performance testing software
  • Exclusive driving coach feature
  • Full color display with multiple color themes
  • Free internet updates
  • 1-Year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase

Upgrade your Dodge Magnum with the Triple Dog GT from Bully Dog and experience performance at its best. The GT installs in about 10 to 20 minutes with no tools, increases horsepower, and provides valuable information that helps save money on fuel. The GT is a great addition for any vehicle that will equip it with all the necessary tools make every driving experience a great one.

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2 reviews

Great Buy
This is a great buy! Easy to install and makes a great difference in performance mode. Can also monitor gas millage! I recommend this to everyone!
Lonnie T
Demotte, IN
Bully Dog tuner Ram 2500 Hemi
Everything came packaged great at a great price. Shipping was fast and install was easy. I am still playing with and figuring out all the toys this tunner has on it.
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
30600, 31600KIT1, 40410, 40417