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Airaid Jeep Wrangler PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer

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For the number one name in the game when it comes to throttle body spacers, stick with AirAid for the best performance possible. AirAid works tirelessly to offer up some the most high-quality, durable, and reliable parts today. Thanks to the drive to be the best, the Airaid Jeep Wrangler PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer is exactly what you need for a serious boost in power. This throttle body spacer from AirAid is designed to greatly improve the low-end torque and horsepower characteristics of your engine transforming it into a massively powerful and fun-filled ride. AirAid accomplishes this by spacing the throttle body by 1" and adding a dyno-proven, helix-style bore. As the intake air passes through the spacer, the helix bore creates a vortex action that improves atomization for ultimate performance enhancement. This allows for more efficient combustion, resulting in improved drivability and increased fuel efficiency. The PowerAid spacer is legal in all 50 states, will not void your warranty, and can be used with any grade fuel. AirAid provides all necessary installation hardware and simple to read application guides for an installation that can be completed in no time at all right at home.
  • Improves low-end torque and horsepower
  • Custom-made for vehicle-specific fit
  • Spaces throttle body 1"
  • Utilizes a dyno-proven, helix-style bore
  • Enables more efficient combustion
  • Constructed from aircraft-grade billet aluminum
  • Improves drivability and increases fuel efficiency
  • Legal in all 50 states
  • Will not void your vehicle warranty
  • Can be used with any grade fuel
If massive performance gains and superior power output are what you are after, AirAid has you and your Jeep Wrangler covered. Crafted from the highest-quality, most durable aircraft-grade billet aluminum available, each throttle body spacer is perfect for giving your Jeep Wrangler a gigantic overhaul in the performance department. Put a Airaid Jeep Wrangler PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer in your ride today and see the difference in power and performance for yourself.
AirAid Accessories and Parts
8 reviews
Rick D
Westmoreland City, PA
Worth the price
[This is a] great product and well worth the money. [It came with] very detailed and easy to read instructions.
Doug J
Valley, AL
Poweraid throttle body spacer
This is a great product. It's super easy to install, I think in total it took me under 10 mins to install. Autotrucktoys always ships quickly and accurately and I really like buying from/through them. I hope this will help a little in gas mileage I already feel a little difference in HP and torque.
John R
Dallas, TX
Throttle body spacer
Quality parts. Easy to install. Cant really tell if it improves anything. Dont over tighten the throttle body screws!!
PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer
I've only had the product installed a few days. I'm still waiting to hear the whistle to let me know it's working. I have noticed an increase in acceleration, more on mid range and top end, and the pedal response is better. My vehicle only has a modification to the ignition system coil wires and plugs. I am in the process of evaluating exhaust systems. I want one that's effective and quiet.
Orange, Texas
Throttle body spacer
I was skeptical at first that this product would do all it claimed. Well....it took me about 15 minutes to install. The throttle body spacer used in conjunction with a spectre cold air intake were great! Better throttle response. ..a few more horses...and a little more torque. I'll post mpg results later. The product was well worth the money!
Flagstaff, AZ
Better drivability
I had this part waiting on my workbench for about a year or more. I got it with some other parts and wound up feeling it couldn't possibly make much difference. I had already put on a K&N intake and a low-restriction Magnaflow exhaust on and was very pleased with those changes: better mpg much more power important living at 7000 feet. Putting the throttle body space on literally took about 10 minutes. It bolted right up and fit well. Having it on a few months it has improved mid-range acceleration. I regularly get 27-29 mpg on town and mid-high 30s on the highway my PT is a manual. The car just feels much more responsive-especially on the highway. The whistle? Perhaps an unfortunate gimmick but a small price to pay for what the part does plus it looks cool with my chrome intake manifold. A nice perk as my painted vanity cover no longer fits.
Edwardsville, Illinois
Like It So Far
So far I like the product. I have a K&N cold air intake and now to add this. The whistle is noticeable but I do feel like my throttle response has improved. The fuel mileage will tell soon enough. Power gains not sure of either if only throttle response improves I will take it. Would recommend this product.
Ryan D
Burin, NL
AirAid Throttle Body Spacer
Love it! Great product, easy install. Great increase in power and fuel economy!
Manufacturer Part Number(s):
300-637, 310-510, 310-511, 310-616