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Work Truck and Contractor Accessories

Maximize the work you get from your truck by choosing and adding the right work truck accessories. It doesn’t matter if you’re self employed and it’s just you and your truck out there everyday or if you have a whole fleet of trucks, if you put the right truck accessories on them you’ll pay for the accessories in the time and effort you and your employees save.

Work Truck

Creating the Ultimate Work Truck

We've seen our fair share of pickup trucks go from ordinary to extraordinary by adding truck accessories, but the Dodge Ram trucks pictured below were quite a transformation from the original stock setup. The team at AutoTruckToys set out to create the ultimate work truck for rough and tough outdoor work on the farm and in the woods. Here are the results:

Create the Ultimate Work Truck - Front

Featured items added:

Create the Ultimate Work Truck - Rear

Featured items added:

  • Truck Bed Protection
  • Full Replacement Bed
  • Headache Rack

As you can see, these mean pickup trucks are road, farm, woods and work ready. Not only do they look great, but they sport some of the best accessories available for pickups made to spend their life working.

Ram Work Trucks Ram flatbed work truck Ram flatbed work truck Ram work truck front


Think about the type of work you do. Think how it could be easier, less frustrating, and how you could be more efficient. Do you carry lots of stuff with you? Tools, materials, or whatever you use on a daily or weekly basis need to be organized. That’s the first trick to becoming more efficient. Organize your stuff! When everything is in its place and you don’t spend 10 minutes looking for something every time you go to the truck, one of two things happens. Either you accomplish more everyday than before, which typically means more green in your pocket, or you get your task done earlier in the day and get to spend more quality time with your favorite chair. The accessories that help you organize your stuff are the first work truck accessory that should be installed. There are thousands of products available to help you get organized. You can install consoles inside that function like a desk and storage compartments for under the seats. If you have to carry very much cash or a pistol with you on a daily basis, there’s even a locking safe that you can install under a seat. Then when you move to the cargo area the options are limitless. Toolboxes, cargo racks, bed liners, and tonneau covers just barely scratch the surface of the work truck accessories available for the bed. These items serve another purpose too. They provide protection. Add some aftermarket floor mats and a set of seat covers and you’ll be amazed at how well your truck cleans up when it’s time to take her out on the town.

Do you spend lots of time off road? Off road time can be hard on your truck and it can be hard on you when Mother Nature decides its time to unleash. You can’t really beat her, but if you have the right accessories, you can usually give her a good run for the money. A lift kit, winch, and the right tires are must haves for anyone who works off road. Every minute of time you spend stuck or broke down, is time you aren’t working or relaxing. A brush guard, rock rails, and skid plate will provide protection for the most venerable areas on your work truck.

How about hauling and towing? If that’s your game, there are some things that are must have accessories for your work truck. But there are lots of other accessories that just make the things you do easier and life better. A backup camera to make hitching to the trailer easier can, on a bad day, save lots of time and wear and tear on you. Organization for tie down straps and oversize flags is a must. Anything you can do to make the interior more comfortable will be well worth your efforts.

If your one of those people who spends more time with your work truck, most days, than you do in your favorite recliner, you should pick the work truck accessories that will make your days easier and more enjoyable.