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Truck Accessories Facts

The following facts about truck accessories were retrieved from several sources.

  • Truck accessories are used to improve the look, performance, handling and utility of pickup trucks.
  • Truck accessories are different from “hard parts” such as water pumps, alternators, and ball joints. They include items like; nerf bars, chrome grilles, tonneau covers, bed extenders, and lift kits.
  • According to SEMA, the aftermarket accessory industry began development in the 1930s with performance at its center. Vehicles were readily available and racing was becoming popular in the deserts of California, thus, creating the need for aftermarket performance and suspension modifications.
  • Because of knowledge gained from military vehicle maintenance and performance needs during World War II, there was a huge leap forward in the aftermarket truck accessory industry in the years following the war.
  • 66% of Silverado, 67% of F-Series, and 69% of Ram owners use specialty equipment on their truck.
  • The most popular modifications made within the first year of ownership include performance exhaust kits and air intake kits, trailer hitches, bedliners, and suspension upgrades
  • Registration for the top three pickup trucks (F-Series, Ram, and Silverado) has reached over 30 million across the US, according to Experian Automotive registration data.
  • The F-Series, Silverado and Ram were among the top 10 accessorized vehicles displayed at the 2008 SEMA show.
  • There are typically 3 styles of truck accessories; stock versions with rack systems and tool boxes, street versions with lowered suspensions, and off road variants with lift kits and big tires.
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