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The Art of Trickin out your Redneck Truck

We all have our own unique style. Usually it’s not something we just choose one day we kind of grow into it. For enthusiasts, our style is definitely reflected in our vehicles. A favorite for many is country, and while country is cool, many are saying redneck is better. It’s the redneck accessories that add the finishing touch to your redneck truck customization. Here’s a list of the must have components for a redneck truck.

Required Redneck Truck Accessories

The Truck

The perfect redneck truck will be at least 20 years old and loaded up with miles. It’ll have all sorts of quirky little things about it. But it’ll still get down the road. If you find a diesel powered truck, you’ve struck the mother load potential redneck truck. Choose from any Ram Truck, Chevy Truck or Ford Truck.

Jack It Way Up

This is where the redneck truck accessories start. You’ve got to get at least a four inch lift kit and minimum of 35 inch aggressive off road tires. If you don’t know how to install the lift kit, check with your local shops. A true redneck truck looks down on all the other vehicles.


Redneck trucks have a distinctive sound. It’s a low deep rumble that ebbs from the exhaust. You can do that easily with a performance exhaust system. It is imperative that your truck is loud enough for your friends to hear you both upon arrival and departure.

Accessory Lighting

No true redneck will be caught without aftermarket automotive lighting. You have lots of options available but, true redneck fashion puts your KC lights on top of the roll bar that has to be installed in the bed of your truck. Don’t even think about skipping this step. This is old school redneck. Who’s going to be able to light up the entire football field on the darkest night if the electricity goes out during the big game? You will.


A full blown grille and brush guard will be required for the front of your truck. As well as, a camouflage bug guard (not a hood shield or wind deflector, on a redneck truck it’s a bug guard) and a bumper winch. You won’t be sorry if you invest in a good set of tow hooks and straps too. Those will just save you time later on when all your friends are calling you to pull their redneck trucks out of mud holes.


This is a new addition to the list. It’s as important to have a system that will hit louder than the exhaust. Go ahead and get at least a 6 disk changer because Colt Ford, Kid Rock and Hank Jr. are required listening in your redneck truck.

The 8 components listed above are requirements. If you don’t have these you will be ridiculed out of the redneck truck association.

Optional Redneck Truck Accessories

While the components mentioned below are not required, they are some of the more coveted. Fender flares help with the mud, and without them your redneck truck will never be clean for very long. A gun rack for the rear window is a great accessory and, if it’s not legal to carry a gun in your state, they make a great rack for an extra cap. The most useful is going to be a CB radio with big dual antennas, so you can stay in touch with your friends. The final touch for every true redneck truck is a custom horn. Lots of owners opt for the “Dixie” tune, but there are many more to choose from. Now that you have your truck ready, don your're favorite redneck outfit, and lets show this town how cool a redneck truck really is.