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Save Fuel - Tips for Fuel Efficiency

You don't have to drive your car less to save fuel. There are several improvements you can make to your vehicle to decrease your visits to the local pumping station. The following items can improve your automobile's overall performance and increase car fuel efficiency.

The trick is to make your auto engine run more efficiently so that the maximum amount of the fuel and air supplied for internal combustion is used rather than wasted. Along with increased fuel efficiency, you will also experience more power and response.

Air Intake Systems

Cold air intake systems improve the overall airflow to your engine. This improved movement of air enables your vehicle to run more efficiently. Providing good airflow to the engine will give you more power with less waste.

Air Filters

An engine works best when it does not have to work hard to retrieve air. Replacing your stock filter allows your engine to breath more easily and supply more air to the internal fuel/air mix. Remember to buy a high quality air filter.

Exhaust Systems

Changing out your vehicles exhaust system will allow the engine to work more efficiently by providing a larger opening and better route to expel fumes. Also, if there is a lot of backpressure, your engine will not have as much room to burn all of the fuel and air supplied.

Spark Plug

Improving the spark will enable your engine to burn more of the air and fuel supplied to it. This will decrease fuel waste by getting a complete burn out of the fuel supplied to it. The fuel savings are well worth the low cost of quality spark plugs.

Spark Plug Wires

Improving the spark plug wires will increase the spark flow to the plug, which turn the energy transmitted into fire.

Ignition Coils

Ignition coils are one of the first places the spark travels. Getting a good spark from the ignition coil to the wire increases overall burn.

Aluminum Wheels

Try replacing your heavy factory car wheels with lightweight aluminum wheels. The decreased unsprung weight means less rolling resistance, hence better starting/stopping performance and increased fuel mileage from decreased rotating mass.

Tonneau Covers and Truck Bed Covers

Installing a truck tonneau cover or bed cover can help by reducing wind drag caused by the pickup truck bed. Choose from a variety of styles.