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Protect Your Truck Interior During the Messy Season

If it’s not already there in your part of the country, it is fast approaching. Fall and Winter are what I’m talking about. The messy seasons! This is the ugly time of year when it is impossible to keep the outside of your pick up clean and almost impossible to keep the inside clean. There are very few things that are harder on the interior of your truck than dirt. Sand, rocks, and grit get ground deeper and deeper, into the seats and carpet cutting the fibers and destroying the base that holds everything together. Oil and dirt from your skin combine to form a film over everything you touch. Here are some inexpensive suggestions to help you protect your investment.

Carpet protection has come a long way in the last few years. Almost all quality floor mats are custom molded to fit each application, include a non-slip backing, and some even have fasteners to make sure they stay in place. What good is a floor mat that is always turned sideways and never actually under your feet. Mats are available in materials from high-quality nylon carpet to molded thermoplastic to rubber. Most heavy-duty mats include a molded lip to keep spills, mud, and melted snow on the mat and off your factory carpets. Mats are available to fit every part of your vehicle. Front, rear, and third row seats and also for the cargo area. The floor protection manufacturers are careful to produce colors that are an exact match to the OEM carpets. The best in quality floor protection products are available from Husky Liners, Nifty, Plasticolor, and specialty OEM products straight from GM, Ford, Dodge Ram accessories, Nissan, and Toyota.

The seats in your pickup truck are next in line for the amount of punishment taken. Statistics show that the average person enters and exits their truck approximately 50 times every week. Have you ever thought about just how much wear and tear this is on your seats? OEM seat fabric is tough there is no doubt about that. Seat covers have evolved from a baggy cover that doesn’t fit and won’t stay in place to a cover that fits your seat like a second skin, is secure, and easy to install. Another advantage you soon learn to appreciate from seat covers is that when they get dirty you can remove and clean them. If you’ve protected your OEM seats with a set of aftermarket seat covers during your daily driving, when it’s time to trade or sell your vehicle, you’ll pay for the covers ten-fold. If you work out of your truck or let the children ride in it, a set of quality seat covers are a must. A variety of covers are available to fit every budget all from industry leaders. Fia, Coverking, Plasticolor and, of course, OEM products are all just a click away.

Here’s an improvement you can make that’s not just for protection but for comfort as well. Theoretically and hopefully whenever you’re in your truck someone is touching the steering wheel. That puts the steering wheel right up there with the seats for wear. Alas, someone invented a little gadget called a steering wheel cover and then someone else padded that steering wheel cover, thus, our steering wheel stays looking good and your hands don’t have to freeze in the cold or burn up from the heat.

I’m sure that most of you are pretty familiar with all the new gadgets and gismos that have come along in the past 15 years. You know, the ones that none of us can live without anymore? Music on CDs, iPodsTM, and cellular devices. Here are some truck accessories to solve your storage and organizational needs for these items. CD and DVD organizers will protect, organize, and store your entertainment accessories. Universal dash mounted holders for your mobile phones and iPods keep them out of the floor and increase safety by allowing hands free use of these items and more of your attention to stay focused on the other traffic. If you spend a lot of time in your truck be sure to pick up an organizer for all your stuff that fastens in the seat and doubles as a desk, extra armrest, and even a cupholder.

Whether you use your truck for transportation, play, or as an office away from the office this is the time of year to get everything organized and ready for the messy seasons. Your truck is not just a way to go anymore, it’s really an investment. As with most investments, it does pay to treat it as such. If you work out of your truck or just like to play hard, taking care of it can be time consuming. These truck accessorries will make that part of your life easier and help protect your truck from the rigors of day to day life.