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Jeep Top Guide

One of the most popular ways to customize your Jeep, is to replace the top, but if you are new to the world of Jeep tops, then it can be quite confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for. With this guide, you will learn the different types of tops, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


We will start with the hardtops. These are more or less self-explanatory. Constructed from fiberglass, these tops are designed to function just like a built-in roof on another vehicle. They are the sturdy and durable, and some even come with sound insulation. These tops also allow you to use your factory windows.

The downside to having a hardtop is that they are heavier and more bulky, which can make taking it off and on, and storing it more of a hassle. They are also generally the more expensive choice of top to buy.

Jeep Hard Top

Soft Tops

The other category of tops for your Jeep is obviously the soft top. The soft top is very popular among Jeep owners. It is easy to install and uninstall, and is relatively cheap, depending on what you are looking for. Though the soft top seems like a simple concept, it is made a little more complicated by all the different types of soft tops offered by manufacturers.

Complete Soft Top

Complete Soft Tops are exactly what you would think they are. They cover the entire vehicle, just the same as a hard top would. These tops give you the coverage and storage room of your entire vehicle, but are also easily removed for those days when you can’t resist cruising with the top off.

Jeep Soft Top

Half Tops

Half Tops are another enclosing top, but they only enclose the cab area of your Jeep, leaving the cargo area open. Some manufacturers include a tonneau cover for your cargo area to give your Jeep that pickup truck look. Some even have a fold-back top to make it easier on the owner.

Jeep Half Top

Summer Top

Summer Tops are called many different things depending on the manufacturer, but all serve a similar purpose. Also referred to as island toppers or bikini tops, the summer tops only cover the top cab area of the Jeep without enclosing the sides. These give you and your passengers a fair amount of shade without restricting the breeze from flowing through your Jeep.

With your new understanding of tops for your Jeep, now you can make an informed decision and purchase the perfect top for your needs. AutoTruckToys carries tops from the top vendors such as BesTop, Mopar, Rugged Ridge, and Rampage.

Jeep Summer Top