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Jeep JK Chrome Accessories

Everyone has their own idea for an awesome daily driver. A few months ago, a good friend of ours scored a 2007 Jeep Sahara. Black on black and very sharp! This Jeep was nice! It had all the bells and whistles and life was good, for a while. But after a few months the new began to wear off and thoughts of chrome and shine began to form in his head. A list of all the things he wanted to do to his new Wrangle JK appeared on his desk and began to grow. Before we knew it, he was pointing out things on other Jeeps that he saw around; "Look at that…" or "That’s sharp…" became frequent parts of our conversations. We thought he was just talking after all he had never done anything to customize any of his previous rides. So we all just agreed with him and went on with our lives. Then one day he snapped. I don’t know what happened, if the time was right or perhaps the moon and stars lined up just so. He began ordering Jeep accessories, never said a word about it, we just noticed that new boxes appeared in his office every few days. We finally figured out that he was creating his idea of the perfect Jeep and we hoped it would only be a matter of time before he asked us to help with installation.

2007 Jeep Sahara Finally, the big day came; he arrived in our office with a box under each arm and a twinkle in his eye. Now that he was ready, we reviewed his plan then jumped into action. After all, being part of the transformation, from stock to rocks, is the most exciting part.

It’s a warm fall day with sunshine, a gentle breeze, and just a hint of color in the leaves, a perfect day for an automotive transformation. I don’t know why but, it seems that we always start with the small things. We test fit the Putco mirror covers and door handles covers. Nice! Putco’s chrome covers are made from a tough and durable ABS material, then chrome-plated and polished to an absolutely amazing shine. Putco always includes everything you need for a professional job and the installation procedure is simple. Always test fit, clean the area with the prep cloth, apply the promoter with a cloth, remove the backing from the pre-applied automotive-grade adhesive, and carefully apply the part. Gently but firmly rub from the center to the edges to be certain everything is secure. When the door handle covers and mirror covers are installed, we all step back and admire. Not for long, because with the addition of a little chrome, this Jeep begins to scream for more and we have more chrome.

Mopar’s replacement Jeep fuel door is next on the list, and as with most replacement parts, installation is only a matter of a few screws, four in this case. This fuel door fits better than the original.

The door handle covers, mirror covers, and fuel door all make a difference in the appearance of this Sahara, but they’re pretty minor. It’s time to move on to some serious bling. This is when we bust out the good stuff. First, we have Mopar’s replacement chrome grille. Made of chromed ABS and designed as a direct factory replacement, this grille makes a statement and installs easily with a few clips just like the factory grille.

Mopar created a set of replacement chrome Jeep nerf bars just for the Sahara and we are putting them on this Jeep because nothing looks better than chrome on black. Mopar designed these oval side steps to fit close to the body for a sleek look that’s secure and functional but still lets everyone know that your Jeep has an attitude. They come complete with wide skid-resistant stepping surfaces and all the installation hardware. This is a simple install with only three brackets on each step and five bolts per bracket.

Finally, Mopar’s front and rear authentic tubular bumpers will provide a rugged, off-road look, as well as, protection from branches and rocks when you’re off road and protection from wayward shopping carts when you’re at the mall. Six bolts remove your rear bumper and are replaced with new bolts. The new bolts are inserted into the frame using a specialty tool that Mopar supplies. This is an excellent and secure design with literally no way to mess up the install. The front bumper requires a little more finesse, and you’ll even get to do a little cutting for this install. First remove the clips on the front of the splash guard that hold it in place and remove your fog lights if equipped. If your Jeep has tow hooks you will need to remove them. Remove the plastic bumper cover and this should free the complete bumper. Remove the clips that hold the gap cover between the bumper and the grille. Reattach the new bumper and trim the splash guard to the look that you desire. We used a utility knife, which maybe wasn’t the best tool for the job, but worked. If you decide not to reinstall the tow hooks on your Jeep, Mopar provides two plastic covers to bolt on over the tow hook holes to make everything pretty. We stand back for a final look and are definitely impressed. Now this Wrangler has the eye-candy to set it apart from the crowd.

Chrome Jeep Bumpers The line of chrome accessories around the bottom of this Jeep is the perfect compliment to the line right below the windows. The heavier line at the bottom anchors the Jeep and allows it to shine while maintaining the masculine, aggressive stance that all Jeeps have. Way to choose the perfect amount of chrome for your ride, boss!

There are only two more things this Jeep needs to be fully dressed; chrome wheels and a soft top. A couple of clicks on AutoTruckToys.com and we have a set of Mopar 18” x 7-1/2” wheels on the way. Constructed from cast aluminum to be lightweight for improved fuel economy, these wheels are chromed to a brilliant shine and treated with a clear coat finish for durability. This is an awesome 7-spoke design that incorporates the Jeep logo in the center caps. These rims will be the perfect compliment to all the other accessories on this Jeep.

This Jeep has a perfectly good hard top on it that is great for winter time, but we like to let our hair down a bit when the weather is just right. There is no better feeling than rolling the top back, cruising around the lake and letting the wind relieve your stress. Bestop, Rugged Ridge, and Rampage make some of the highest quality tops available. I think there are more options available for Jeep tops than for the actual Jeep itself. They are available in different fabrics, the latest and greatest of which is sailcloth. Sailcloth is a great option as it significantly reduces wind and road noise, it prevents buffeting, shows fewer waves and wrinkles, and is much easier to maintain than a standard soft top. Sailcloth has been used as the factory material for tops since 2001. Style is the other choice you have to make in the soft top saga. The options in this area are almost endless. There are full tops with tinted or untinted windows, halftops, bonnets, bikinis, and even briefs. There are mesh sunroofs available, acoustic tops, cab tops, and even tonneau covers available. Half doors, full doors, vinyl windows or mesh. There is a top available to fit every Jeep and every budget. The choices are limitless. Whether you are replacing a worn out top or just spicing up your summer plans a bit, know that you have an option available to suit every mood. We may study on the top a bit before this we place our order. We want to explore the options for just the right style.

When you have a Jeep, you have a vehicle that already has a lot of personality. Your job becomes to enhance that personality in a way that enhances your own personality too. Whether your goal is open air driving, trail exploring, or just cruising the highways, a Jeep is an awesome way to get there. I’ve always been told that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. In my experience that saying has held true and AutoTruckToys.com has the accessories you desire to make your journey a pleasant one and assure that all heads turn your way.