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Install a Hypertech Max Energy Performance Programmer

Give your pickup truck extra horsepower and raw power by adding a Hypertech Max Energy performance programmer. In the video below, the team at AutoTruckToys installs and tests this great truck accessory on a new Chevy Silverado.

Open the rear doors and remove 2 phillips screws. There are 2 tabs about 1” above each of the screws. You can’t see them until you get the tail light assembly out. Gently or in some cases firmly rotate the entire assembly toward the body of the vehicle. A little rocking and wiggling is usually required. The entire assembly will come out.

The brake light is the lower bulb in the stack, backup light in the middle, and blinker on the top. There is a clearly visible tab that you squeeze and rotate the bulb holder about a quarter of a turn. This will allow the bulb holder and bulb to come out of the assembly.

Pull the bulb out of the holder and again start out gently (it is glass). Some rocking and wiggling may be required. Replace with new bulb and insert back into the tail light assembly. It’s always a good idea at this point to get someone to test the new light for you. Just have them turn on the ignition and test which ever bulb you replaced the brakes, blinker, or backup light by putting the vehicle in reverse.

Reinstall the assembly the same way you removed it and don’t forget the phillips screws. Your good to go again. You’re back to a better chance of being seen when you’re stopping and no chance the police will have to remind you that you have a break light out.

Note: When you remove the bulb from the assembly, check to make sure there is no water in the housing. If so inspect it thoroughly for cracks and replace the housing if you find any.

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