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How to Install Mopar Chrome Replacement Fuel Door on a Wrangler JK

The first step in every installation is verifying you have everything to do the installation. Verify that all the nuts, bolts, and brackets are included, and gather the tools you will need. Most instructions tell what tools you will need.

The installation of this Jeep fuel door was on a 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK. The exact steps for your application may vary slightly but the overall process will be the same for most replacement fuel doors. Be sure to check out all of the Jeep accessories available for your model.

Remove 4 screws that hold the left-hand taillight in.

Remove screw for tail light

Remove the taillight and unplug it.

remove tail light

Reach through the taillight hole and squeeze clips to release filler hose housing.

Release filler hose housing

Remove filler hose housing.

Remove filler hose housing

Transfer factory gas cap strap attachment to new housing.

Transfer gas cap to new housing

Install new filler hose housing. Make sure the filler hose is through the housing and both are seated properly.

Transfer gas cap to new housing

Install the fuel door to the filler hose housing with 3 screws and allen wrench that are provided.

Install the fuel door to the filler hose housing

Install the gas cap and strap to the new housing

Install the gas cap

Plug the taillight into the wiring harness and reinstall.

Reinstall tail light

Ta da! You have a cool new look, that little extra touch and it only took about 45 minutes and a phillips screw driver to add this eye catcher. Chrome fuel doors are available in locking and non-locking varieties for almost every vehicle produced and they’re super easy to install.

New fuel door