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How to Install Mopar Chrome JK Tubular Side Steps

The first step in every installation is verifying you have everything to do the installation. Verify that all the nuts, bolts, and brackets are included, and gather the tools you will need. Most instructions tell what tools you will need. Don’t get worried if you get a lot of extra hardware, as most manufacturers include all the hardware for every application. You’ll just have to figure out which works for your specific application.

verify that all parts are there

This installation was on a 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK. The exact steps for your application may vary slightly but the overall process will be the same for most jeep side steps.

application may vary, but overall process is the same

Our JK came with factory running boards so we had to get them off first. This only required that we remove 1 bolt from the bottom of each of the 3 brackets and 2 nuts and bolts that went through from the sides.

remove factory running boards

Install the new brackets in the same manner. Notice that 2 of the brackets are the same and 1 is smaller. The smaller bracket goes at the rear of the side step.

install new brackets

Install the tubes with 2 bolts per bracket from the bottom. Hand tighten, check to make sure the tube is aligned with the side of the Jeep, and tighten.

install the tubes

Repeat process on the other side.

repeat on other side

Mopar accessories includes picture instructions with all of their aftermarket accessories, which makes the installation go really well. These side steps installed in about 2 hours and they really changed the look of this Wrangler JK. But, they’re not just for looks, they have large, flat, non-skid pads in the stepping area to make entry and exist from the Jeep easier. Side steps also help protect your Jeep in the woods and rocky areas.