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How to Install a Set of CalTrend Seat Covers

CalTrend Seat Covers As one of the largest manufacturers of custom tailored seat covers in America, CalTrend offers more options to choose from than any other manufacturer in the industry. All CalTrend products are designed by state-of-the-art computer software to insure a perfect fit on each and every vehicle application available, and also to speed up the production process to get the product to the customer more quickly. With a large application guide, and easy installation, these custom tailored seat covers are the answer for anyone looking to protect their factory seats from everyday wear and tear. Installation of your new CalTrend seat covers can be completed in 11 easy steps and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: If your car has a headrest, remove it first, and then slide the backrest cover over the seat frame, while making sure that the rear pouch is facing towards the back.

Step 2: Feed the fabric with Velcro in between the seat. Some seat covers will have it’s Velcro attached to the original upholstery of the seat.

Step 3: Fasten the Velcro together, putting the bottom beneath the top.

Step 4: Insert the headrest cut outs underneath the headrest registers.

Step 5: Install the bottom seating cover from front to back over the seat.

Step 6: Feed the safety belts in between the seat.

Step 7: Feed the laces under your seat, putting the straps on top of any wiring to reduce interference with movement or readjustments of the seat.

Step 8: Attach the laces to their appropriate buckles.

Step 9: Insert all excess fabric into the side panels.

Step 10: Slide the headrest cover over your headrest. Fasten Velcro together only after you have checked that the rough (male) side is on the backside of the headrest.

Step 11: Reinstall your headrests, then stand back and admire your handy work.

These steps are specifically for the installation of a front bucket seat cover, but can be generally applied to any application.